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No more money fears!

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

One of the many things I had to change when leaving my corporate career, to step into my purpose, had to be a different management of income/money. It has been probably one of the places where I witnessed the most resistance & fears...

How will I survive? Will I have enough? Will I be supported? What will my life look like?

I even recorded a podcast about this issue in our world "I am not enough, the big lie"

One of the steps was to move into a house upstate NY and leave my NYC apartment. Realizing I could spend half on a house and large piece of land, than on a 2 bedrooms apartment in New York.

But I also used technology to optimize my income & spending. So I wanted to share with you the many things I use, so, if you face the same dilemma, you can take those steps.

Use all the links below from your PHONE. xoxo

1. EARNY App. This app tracks your purchase on all major online retailers for 3 months and gives you refund if price drop after your purchase. Works amazingly well. I get a weekly refund on my purchases...

2. DROP App. This app automatically transforms all your debit cards into points/rewards cards.

3. CLARITY Money App. This app checks all your spending and looks for saving. It also allows you to see recurring spending and to cancel them from the app.

4. ACORNS App. This app automatically rounds up all your spending to the next $ and create a saving account with all those pennies. Got almost $1000 in last 6 months.

5. VAULT App. This app creates automatically an IRA account and uses your penny savings + small weekly deposit to feed it.

6. STASH Invest. This app creates an investment account with very small weekly deposits. You can also choose to invest in only sustainable and meaningful investment portfolio.

7. TRIM. One of my favorite. It's integrated like a person on Facebook. You connect your phone company, internet, tv, etc. and TRIM will call them for to get a discount. I just got $10 saving/month on my internet. $120/ year!

8. ASPIRATION Bank. I am moving all my accounts to this bank which has no fee and also only manage money with sustainable & socially responsible investment. No investment in fossil fuel, pipelines, etc... They also have IRA & Investment funds.

9. CREDIT KARMA. Check for free all your credit report and helps you to improve drastically your credit scores. It also suggests the best credit cards you can be approved for.

10. MINT. This is where I manage all my money and bank accounts. I LOVE THIS service. MINT is a powerful tool to connect all your accounts and which analyze all your spendings. It helps you create budgets for each spending (food, lodging, etc). It helps you see where you spend money and where to save (It also integrate with quickbook & turbotax, same company, so super useful). Go to

11. SUSTAINABLE CLOTHING. I wanted to buy responsible clothing. Organic cotton. But did not had the same budget for it. I found this great company. PACT. Check it out.

All of those helped me saved, invest and reduce my spending in amazing ways. Over $5000+ in the last 6 to 12 months.

Hope this helps you :)

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