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Reiki Level 1 Training & Certification

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

I am putting together a small group of students who want to learn REIKI, for a REIKI Level 1 class & certification. The class is limited to 5-6 people, and will be the weekend of June 4th – 5th in New York City.

Here is the program:

1. History and origin of Reiki

2. What is Reiki?

3. What Reiki does?

4. Energy cleanse

5. Understanding your own energy

6. How to clean your own chakras (5 different methods)

7. Channeling energy and giving Reiki to others

8. Attunements (what are they)

9. Receive 4 attunements

10. Initial techniques to open healing in others

11. Introduction to shamanic Reiki

You will also learn how to give a complete Reiki treatment.

Reiki is a holistic system of natural healing treating the whole person on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. The word “Reiki” is a Japanese word meaning “Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy”, the God force that flows through every living thing. The Chinese call it Chi, the Hindus call it Prana, and the Christians call it the Holy Spirit. Reiki is not a religion with no doctrine or creed.

I have seen Reiki Level 1 being taught online or in a half day class. I don’t believe it works very well. So I want to limit this to a small group to give each of you perfect attention and also give to each student 4 attunements over the weekend class. This means you will have a deep opportunity to discover your own energy path, your own gift, and open to it.

I learn my Reiki Level 1, 2, 3 in India. I passed my Reiki Master Level in NYC. And I also graduated as a Medical Reiki(TM) Master which allow me to be able to bring Reiki into hospitals and surgery rooms. I also trained in Shamanic Reiki so will share this during the training to give you a full understanding of what is possible with Reiki.

The benefits of Reiki are: healing on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level; reduces stress; promote relaxation, boosts the immune system, increases positivity and clarity of thoughts, help eliminate toxins from the body, help manage pain, supports other energy healing therapies, balances the chakras, support healing.

Email for more information & booking:

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