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Updated: Sep 1, 2019

More than saying "no" or not being able to move forward, Resistance is the power of the unconscious mind on not allowing something it does not yet embrace. We stay stuck where we are refusing something new or unknown. One part of us want the change (new career, lose weight, learn meditation, get out of a toxic relationship, sleep better, tackle anxiety, launch our big idea, etc) but one part of us does not want it and consciously, AND UNCONSCIOUSLY, sabotage our growth and transformation. To understand resistance, and SEE IT, we need to take specific steps to recognize it, see the stories we have created around it, allow & accept the resistance and use the power of our heart to transform and dissolve it.


Life is made of cycles of growth, of pause, of contraction. Like the seasons, like the breath coming in and out.

In this podcast, I explore what are "resistance", how to recognize them, and how to transform them.

In our Awakened Leadership program for leaders and corporations, and in my coaching & healing practice, I can teach you unique tools to finally break those chains and allow you to fly towards your higher purpose.

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