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Returning Home.

Shamanism and spirituality were never meant to be tools of power or separation and yet often they can bring upon a language, an attitude, a belief, or a journey that creates some sense of "otherness".

If we see it more as a return to our Nature, the wild ancient voice carried by millions of years of evolution, we will naturally and harmoniously connect to all there is. As it is intended in the design of all living beings. We cannot escape the design.

As we open and soften, we might not see much difference anymore between our breath and the sky, our blood and the oceans, our bones and the mountains, our eyes and the stars, our hand and a leaf, our legs and the roots of trees.

Nothing but a miracle is happening in front of our eyes at every moment.

Nothing that requires specialness or uniqueness, nor searching or escaping.

We can connect to our magic through authentic presence with each other. Heal with one touch. Uplift with one word. Transform with one prayer. Love with one silence.

Ceremonies and rituals become reminders of this power. But not a necessity for that power to reveal itself.

Veils are lifted. Realities are transcended. Divineness is embodied. Humanness is embraced.

In that humble and simple moment, we might finally see that we are joined. Connected. One. With all there is.

The mirror gets so clear it becomes an infinite reflection of all my relations while I cannot clearly see where I am not and where you are not.

We finally meet. We finally see.

The miracle reveals itself without illusions or effort. It is here. And it is there. It is you. And it is me.

We have arrived in this home we have been searching for again and again, after such a long journey and so many detours.

And then we realized we had never truly left home as home is everywhere we set our heart to see.

What a blessing this life is.


Angell Deer

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