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Returning to our ancient ecology

My relationship to plants has been evolving so deeply over the years. Going from a direct experience of beauty that never left me, to an unconditional bowing to their wisdom.

The sun worshippers as one of my teacher call them, the one legged or the standing one often refered as by Indigenous people, the one who take care of us...

This complex relationship cannot be fully understood from the mind space. Science often try to reduce plant life as chemical compounds that are useful or dangerous for us in terms of food, medicine or materials. The relationship with them in the antropocene Era is often a reductionist one aiming at extracting and taking. If I artificially remove "their soul" I can create harm without ever questioning my actions or feeling their pain.

We can lose the greater understanding of their role if we stay in this very limiting belief or we can choose to expand our minds by opening our hearts to their songs, their wisdom, and the role they play in teaching us to be better humans. We can easily create separation between us and the plant, like a wall of ego, that prevent the necessary good relationship to arise.

My path took me on many deep exploration of certain plants, trees and mushrooms. The original curiosity and inner calling often brought me on my knees and deep reverance to their power and truth.

In a recent ceremony one of those sacred being taught me how to shift drastically the way I stand in my being and truth, the way I connect to my heart, and the way I point my prayers. The experience was so revelatory and vast that I still cannot (and might never) fully comprehend the immense wisdom that was shared with me. Feeling at time like a little kid attending a very advance PhD class.

Instead of aiming at my mind to understand I surrender to the immense capacity of my heart and body to receive that wisdom beyond the conscious need to make any sense of it.

This is how I ultimately see how "they take care of us". Through a composting of old belief, the myceliumystic reach into the soul and psyche, and the immense love (far from the romantic idea of love we might have) they have for life, and my life in the ecology of existence with all my relations.

I trust the plantropocene to be the ultimate wild feminine teaching of necessary cataclysmic changes, the surrender into not knowing, the bowing to the Gods of Nature, the most humbling return to our ancient ecology.

Angell Deer 🦌 💚

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