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Returning to the belly of the Mother

I am quite fascinated by the tremendous amount of healing work everyone needs to be able to peel the sticky layers of our society.

Despite scientific and unrefutable proof that our world is sick, many keeps not only denying the insanity of our "modern" ways, ridicule the ancient ways / shamanic traditions, and also persist in working for and feeding this broken system.

I could go on and on about easily accessible statistics on the opioid addiction epidemic, massively spread poverty and hunger (1 kid in 3 in the USA!), the immense increase in mental illnesses, the constant growth of alcohol consumption, ongoing epidemic of suicide (highest rate is amongst young adults and teenagers), mind-blowing medication of children (aderol being the most used legal drug amongst them).

This goes in parallel with the destruction of our life-supporting ecosystems, water cycles, climate regulation, soil nutrition, seed biodiversity, etc.

Yet anyone that slows down for a minute and feel into all this can not only acknowledge the breath of the issues, but also find a deep knowing inside for another way of living, relating and Belonging with each other on this earth.

Our greater family, the trees, plants, animals, forest, rivers, rocks are all whispering a song of love, of hope, and of warning to us, the little brother/sister as we are called by those elder beings.

Once we touch that knowing, remember that Belonging, we can start peeling the patriarchal, colonial and destructive mindset that is at the root of this cancer. We can heal our inner wounds, shed the sick programing, and tap into an old voice that we all carry deep inside.

It is that individual empowerment, those conscious hearts, that are creating an awakening of consciousness necessary to our survival and Belonging in the wild world.

Once we are there nothing can stop the immense power of change we carry within us, and no one can control us anymore.

We finally belong into the wild nature we were gifted in the belly of our mother.

We can grow into good healthy adults in the belly of this Earth.

Angell Deer

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