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Self-Love is your weapon!

Every time you are feeling you are not loved enough it is because there is a lack of self-love within you.

People, "others", will never love you perfectly. If you wait for the love of others to fill you in fully, you will run a dangerous race you will not win. You will also discover that your well-being then depends on someone else (scary if you think of what this means...), and which is ultimately a reflection on your lack of self-love.

Your love, your self-love is the only one that can fill you in fully. And when fully fill in, you will be able to love others in a much more authentic, non-dependent, non-manipulative, non-clinging, non-distorted way.

It's the freedom self-love will give you. It's the peace self-love will give you. It's the healing self-love will give you.

Until the parts in you that are ashamed, in pain, rejected, hated, disregarded, numbed, are fully seen, felt and love by your self-love, how can anyone else make you believe in their beauty?

Yet, yes, a beautiful conscious partner can hold you, fully, with all your parts, in love. Make you feel perfect in your imperfection. But that is just the container for your healing, for your self-work, for your self-love to grow.

You have the responsibility to do your part. And it is urgent. Because until you heal fully, until you self-love yourself fully, the world will never be fully healed, fully loved, fully at peace.

Love is the answer. Self-Love is your weapon. ❤️

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