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Spring Cleaning Starts Now!

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Do the energies of other people really affect you?

Do you work from home or your apartment and can’t seem to shift the energy in your home and workspace?

Do you feel like arguments and conflict from the past linger in your space?

Do you find yourself wondering if there are negative energies drifting into your space?

Your home is your sanctuary and there are many simple and easy ways to clear your space from unwanted energies, feelings and stale energy. More than opening a window or de-cluttering, these ancient and proven practices are simple ways to detox your space and bring in new energy and positive vibrations just in time for Spring!

Sage: Open all the windows and doors. Light the sage and go through all the rooms and every corner, doorway and window and say prayers to release and clear all spaces from any negative energies, entities and anything that does not belong in the home

Palo Santo Wood Pieces: Burn palo santo and go through all the rooms and every corner, doorway and window and say prayers to bring in the light

Lemons: Take new fresh lemons and prick each one with a hole. Place the lemons in the two corners of front door and back door and place one lemon in every room for a week and then discard and repeat. Lemon is a purifier and will soak in any negative energies and smell good too!

Himalaya Pink Sea Salt:(1) Place a small container in shower and when you shower take a handful and just go around aura/body (no need to scrub onto skin) and then rinse down drain (2) Place about 1/4 cup or less of sea salt in small glass bowls on coffee table, dining table, in every room as sea salt (dry) is a powerful absorber of negativity - once a week, rinse down drain with cold water and then replace (3) put anything you want cleansed - e.g. jewelry, ring you might wear in submerged in a tub of the sea salt (dry) for 24-48 hours and then rinse lightly and then wear.

Yarrow Herbal Drops: Take a dropper full every night (a protection herb) before you go to sleep...

Photo by Roxanne Luckman

Dried Yerba Santa: On your bed, take a small handful of yerba santa and place on your mattress in a small/tiny pile in each of the four corners of your mattress under your fitted sheet. If your fitted sheet is tight then the herb won't move at all and barely be noticeable. This creates a protective shield on your bed and you can replace it every time you wash the sheets. Do this for all beds.

Black Tourmaline Crystals: Keep a piece in every room and also carry a piece with you and keep on your bedside table. This is a beautiful crystal that absorbs negative energy and also protects. Pieces you buy don't have to be big but you will feel which ones you need.

Clear Quartz Crystals: Place on bedside, carry with you, place in every room.

White Candles: Light some white candles throughout house to bring in white light

Frankincense:(1) Buy some pellets of frankincense and charcoal tabs and then every few days go through your house with that incense to smoke and bless the house. Before you light the frankincense bless it and pray over it to cleanse and protect - this is also used in church btw.

And remember, de-clutter and rid your space of any objects that aren’t serving you or bringing you joy!

To learn more about space clearing and aura cleansing, ask for a consultation by emailing me.

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