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Stop saying I am afraid, I am angry, I am lost...

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Your fears, your anger, your pain, your resistance, your judgments, your numbness, are not You. They are what we call PARTS. It's sometimes called shadows or shades.

Parts were usually created at a young age, during a traumatic or painful event. Parts are one young version of you. A child. Stuck in the past. And they are stuck in the useful role they played at the time. PARTS are also very alone and lost.

There are also what is called PROTECTING parts that kept you safe but who also prevent your PARTS to come back fully into the Light to be felt and healed. Those protectors keep the anger part, the fear parts, the pain parts at a distance.

There are also what is called FIREFIGHTER parts. They are protectors parts on steroids. They totally keep parts hidden from your consciousness and make healing almost impossible without external support.

To heal we need first to stop identifying SELF with PARTS. SELF is loving, safe, caring, joyfully, peaceful. It's who we are at the most intimate level. SELF is the God inside (and everywhere).

Once we see parts we can use SELF to talk to the parts, understand their needs, and slowly walk them back into the self (The talking to the parts and the understanding of their needs is through using body sensations and active listening). Once back, they can have a new role. They will keep their age, their nature, but they will lose their powers as they won't be DISSOCIATED FROM SELF.

An awaken being is one who has all his PARTS reintegrated with SELF, he/she has remembered who he/she is. Yet he/she can always speak for the PARTS and never from the PARTS. It is very different from what is sometimes embodied by most human beings and often spiritual seekers who, as me, fail to often speak/act for the PARTS but from the PARTS.

There is another HUGE PITFALL. Most of the time when we say "I am not this" we practice dissociation and we bury the parts even more down (it can look like healing, but it is not). It is called SPIRITUAL BY-PASSING. It leads nowhere but to endless seeking of more workshops, meditations, self-help books, ceremonies because we want to get rid of the PARTS. Parts are already isolated and not truly seen. In this we can get stuck in an endless spiral of trying to embody a utopian state of "I am light, I am love".

A healer/therapist is most of the time needed to guide this process as he/she can talk/work from the self, for the PARTS. It's through his/her Oneness with God/SELF that his SELF can reach your SELF. Yet the healer does not heal you, it is you, by working between your SELF and your PARTS that can heal. One of the foundations of that process is to learn to speak for the PARTS but not FROM the PARTS...

In shamanic healing, we call the retrieval of parts, soul retrieval. By combining ancient wisdom and healing technics like soul retrieval, with other knowledge teachings, I have found in my practice to see the most profound holistic healing happen.

I now understand why my soul always wanted to learn so many ancient and modern wisdom. So I could bridge them. So I could aim to embody, in some temporary yet more frequent moments, the healing power of Source with more closeness.

So every time you a-woke to a PART playing a role, change your vocabulary. Do not say I am this or that, say "one of my parts is this, another part is that".

That is the first step into the red road of healing. ❤

If you want to explore this fascinating and courageous healing for yourself, contact me!

Much Love,

Shawinigan Ungaia

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