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Surrender, Discipline and Divine Flow

As a human being, we have been gifted this double-sided sword of free choice. We can decide in every moment how to react, what to do, what to say, where to go. On the shamanic path, we learn to walk with one foot in the middle world (the world of the living) and one foot in the spirit world. Only with the wisdom from both worlds can we inform our lives of the best choices to make. On one side the world of spirit. The world of surrender. On the other side, the incarnated world, the dual world, the world of the Ego (healthy and unhealthy), the world of our traumas and belief, prayers and actions. Very often most human beings lives not in a balance between the different worlds. Either too much in the dual world, the incarnated world, and far from connection to the spirit world. Or too much in the spirit world, praying without actions, spiritual bypassing, waiting to be saved by Spirit or the creator, letting go of accountability and not in touch with the body, the shadows, the full rainbow of human emotions. To find flow in our life we need balance. Between heart and mind. Healthy Ego and spirit. Dual reality and non-dual reality. Discipline and surrender. God within and God without. Too much discipline, you leave no space for spirit to guide you. Too much surrender and you refuse your free choice and responsibility. Balance. Middle way. Red Road. Harmony. Masculine and féminine. This is the place of flow. Flow with spirit AND flow with our desires and dreams. It's a hard place to understand for the mind that looks for duality. But the ultimate goal is to bring both control (direction) and surrender (spirit will). I often refer to it as "pointing your prayers very precisely and yet leaving space for spirit to adjust the arrow". On this divine fine line is your divine flow. One that you control by letting go of the illusion of control. A beautiful place for meditation, reflection, prayer, dreams, Shamanic journeys, and rituals. I look forward to seeing you this week at our special Earth Day online gatherings for this earth celebration week. So we can dance this divine play together ❤️🌎❤️ Angell

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