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Surrender into unknowingness

Moving into the depth, in the center of the center, where the great mystery reside. Feeling into the body and touching the Spirit through senses we rarely used. Opening to the web of life and our power of interconnectedness.

Quarantine in our home but not in our hearts. Away from the “others” but feeling the others more than ever. Spirit reminding us of this connection that can never be tamed or broken.

We have forgotten our truth but we cannot avoid it any longer. Sitting on stolen land we are needing the voices of the Elders to heal. We are remembering the pain of our collective trauma.

Time to show up into our discomfort with more compassion than ever. Time to show up into our sense of sovereignty with more love than ever. Opening ourselves to the wholeness and wilderness of the human experience.

Unprotected, stripped away from the conditioning, we can open to truth. The kind and compassionate heart have been longing for too long, broken by lies. Our separation was never a “normal life’. Nothing was normal in the old world.

We were numbed to feel the loneliness of our separation. The pain and suffering of disconnection. We were numbed to feel the distress of the mother and her children. Those oceans of grief are calling for our full presence of Heart.

We never fully surrendered to our unknowingness. Too afraid to let the Creator in. We always wanted to know the mystery of life. A mystery we would only certainly touch with death. There is no more control possible. There is no more knowing given by the system.

The creator is calling loudly. Surrender my child. Fall deep within my child. Humble yourself to the mystery of my creation. And then the mystery will be yours to play with. Live your life in the sweet tender spot of unknowing. There I will guide you.

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