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Taking that one step

The steps you take don't need to be big. They just need to take you in the right direction.

There are days when I take very little steps. One that can just be getting out of bed and just being grateful to be alive.

Days when it seems like nothing "happened" or I did not "do" anything. And then I remember that I was just being. Being human. Breathing.

And there are days when the step of just taking one breath, that one step, feels like I climbed a whole mountain.

Never the less as those days pass, I see that much is being accomplished. In the unnoticed silence and aloneness of my solitude.

Maybe I will keep growing that sense of accomplishment when it seems nothing was accomplished. Achieved.

Maybe I will keep growing that sense of accomplishment when the only goal that will be left will be to take that one breath, that one step.

I feel that may be the Creator infinite Love and compassion might be the most sacred in the depth of that pause, that silent, that breath.

The space of nothingness where all my prayers become one and disappear at the same time.

Angell Deer

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