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The 44 sparks of Diamonds

You are standing at this door. Behind you is certainty and the boiling desires of the heart unachieved dreams.

The door is calling you. To step into the outside. The world of possibilities.

Maybe you spent countless nights afraid of opening that door and leaving behind the broken stories that use to make you comfortable.

Maybe your tears gave you comfort for endless days of sorrows and were the only answers to the why and how.

And yet the handle is shining with 44 sparks of angels and guides, little sparkling blue diamonds of hope, faith, and truth.

And one day, you are ready. You leave the dining table and walk through the door. Following the great call of the rising sun.

And you will walk, never truly looking back, for it is in the forward that your life belongs.

You are finally walking into the manifestation of your dreams, the answers to your prayers and the revelation of the magically weaved perfection of your soul.

It is then that you finally realized you and only you kept the door close and had the power to open it.

The door was always just an invitation. Maybe even at time an impossible dream to believe.

Too beautiful and too full of love to make you realized you not only deserved it but that it was the only way to become you. This beautiful you. This magnificent you. This love you had held for too long buried in your dreams.

You are the magician. The witch. The wizard. The ancient voices of your ancestors. The portal and conduit for the liberation of this world.

You are the love inside. My love reflected in your eyes. You are the magic.


Angell Deer

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