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The BEST Black Friday Deal: YOU!

As we are approaching Black Friday where so many rushes to stores for deals I cannot not feel the pain this consumerism put on the Earth, and Humans.

Most goods manufactured in the world are made from limited resources, with non-sustainable manufacturing and transportation, packed and shipped by modern slave labor, to create a few minutes of adrenaline rush in our consumer's brains.

Addiction to brands, consumption, is as real as addiction to sugar or drugs. They all play with our fears of lacking and with the reward system of our brain. Reinforced by advertising that tells us we will be better people if we get this or that.

In this endless rush, we lose touch with the most precious truth of our life. The present moment. The breath. The here and now. The slowing down. The wilderness of our soul. The calling of the Spirits. The connection to Nature. The connection to each other.

What we crave is not a discounted TV, or a new Handbag, or a branded suit, or a new car, but the deepest intimate connection with self and with others. So we to the stores and to the screens, to appease the screaming craving of connection. We buy and for a minute we feel full like after eating a good meal. But the craving monsters, now fed, grow bigger and soon the come again haunting us.

I feel pain for my brothers and sisters trapped in this cycle. I feel pain for the cheap slave labor who make and ship those goods. I feel pain for the Earth who is mined and deforested to feed our cravings. I feel pain as I see the pain behind the newly acquired branded toy. I feel pain as I know the only thing that will kill the addiction is the authentic and deeply emotionally intimate connection to each other.

Join me, boycott Black Friday and instead reach out to those who need love. From your inner wounded child to your neighbor. Give hugs. Send a love letter. Connect with your community. Go sing to the trees and rivers. Bless your beautiful breath and body with your undivided attention.

And if you have money to spend, give it to a charity you care for or a friend who needs it, you will feel so much better.

You are way more than a cheap product made in China, you are an incredible Miracle made by God. Honor it!


With Love,

Angell Deer

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