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The best healer's and teacher's gifts

Humility is the greatest gift of eldership and life wisdom. We know at some point that we don't really know anything. We discover that healing is a life process never truly finished.

I always seek teachers and healers for myself that are vulnerable with their struggles. Who never share their knowledge from a place of ultimate universal truth but just from the place that worked for them.

Those teachers and healers will respect an opinion that differs from theirs. They won't use fancy and trendy verbiage to explain why you are broken or lost. They won't project their old pain in a life mission to change or convince others. They won't see where hate is because they will focus on love.

Those teachers and healers will sit humbly under many elders and teachers their whole life. Always sharing from a seat in the circle and never a chair above you.

Those teachers and healers won't play the game of power with spiritual knowledge, they won't use gossip or comparison to make themselves feel worthy.

Those teachers and healers will still carry a lot of pain that they will use to stand humbly with you and to show you that you can still find love for yourself when imperfect or confused.

Those teachers and healers will have strong boundaries as they have learned that their work requires self-care, self-love, and true unconditional love for themselves. They will be there for you if they have the space for you and the humility to recognize their limits and voice their NOs.

Those teachers and healers will never seek your love, praise, or recognition. They will have understood that they do not need to be friends with you to keep the authenticity of the exchange and fully embody service by giving without expecting anything in return.

Those teachers and healers will keep walking their own path which includes a lot of alone time and deep inquiry in the silence of their own space. When new teaching or tool will be gifted to them they will come back in connection with you and to your service.

The best teachers are still learning, and the best healers are still healing.

Let's give that space to each other. Angell Deer

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