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The Breath-DMT Nexus: A Gateway to Conscious Awakening and Personal Transformation

As you know I have been offering Shamanic Breathwork for many years and we recently reached over 5,000 people who have been part of those ceremonies. Your testimonies on this work have been so profound and I wanted to offer this essay on the particular and unique connection between Breath & DMT.

Dimethyltryptamine, better known as DMT, is a naturally occurring psychedelic compound with an intriguing role in human consciousness. Released in trace amounts by the pineal gland, DMT is often tied to mystical and spiritual experiences.

This essay examines the link between conscious breathing or breathwork and endogenous DMT release, detailing the biological processes involved and exploring how this connection bridges the seen and unseen, conscious and unconscious, body and spirit, and ultimately fosters personal transformation and awakening.

To begin, it's essential to appreciate the biochemistry of DMT.

DMT is a tryptamine molecule, structurally similar to serotonin and melatonin, neurotransmitters with significant roles in our mental and emotional states. The exact biological function of endogenous DMT remains a mystery, yet theories abound of its role in dreaming, near-death experiences, and altered states of consciousness.

Breathwork, specifically the practices which involve deeply rhythmic and intensified breathing, has been speculated to stimulate the release of endogenous DMT. A hypothesis proposed by Dr. Rick Strassman, a prominent DMT researcher, suggests that extreme physiological stress, prompted by intense breathwork, might trigger DMT synthesis and release by the pineal gland and the lungs.

Moreover, the intensified oxygenation and the simultaneous retention and expulsion of carbon dioxide during breathwork affect the body’s pH levels. This results in a state known as 'respiratory alkalosis,' which has been associated with symptoms ranging from tingling sensations, visual and auditory hallucinations to elevated mental clarity, and feelings of euphoria; all parallel to experiences reported in psychedelic states induced by DMT.

Now, let's explore how this breath and DMT connection serves as a bridge between various dichotomies, leading to personal transformation and consciousness expansion.

Opening the Bridge Between Seen & Unseen:

The heightened consciousness state triggered by the release of DMT can help breach the borders of the everyday 'seen' reality and venture into the 'unseen' realms. This is much like the anecdotal visual and auditory phenomena, spiritual visions, and intuitive insights reported by users of exogenous DMT, drawing parallels with mystic experiences across cultures.

The human mind is inherently dualistic, often segregating reality into binary categories like light and shadow, wakefulness and sleep, or, in this context, the seen and unseen. This dichotomy between the tangible and intangible, the visible and invisible aspects of our experience may seem rigid.

However, the interplay between breathwork and the endogenous release of DMT has the potential to bridge these dimensions, thus opening up a new realm of consciousness.

In the ordinary state of consciousness, the 'seen' world is what we perceive through our sensory apparatus and interpret through our rational mind. It consists of our daily experiences, physically interacting with ourselves, others, and the environment. However, beneath this visible veneer lies the immense 'unseen' realm, teeming with latent emotions, dreams, intuitive wisdom, universal truths, and, according to some traditions, spiritual entities.

The release of endogenous DMT, conjectured to be stimulated by the physiological changes during breathwork, acts as a catalyst to cross this threshold. Our usual state of awareness is heightened, our perception amplified, and the 'veil' between the seen and unseen seem to dissipate.

DMT experiences are often described in terms of vivid auditory and visual phenomena, panoramic landscapes, and encounters with incorporeal entities. At times, these are not just hallucinogenic experiences; they resonate with shared archetypes across cultures, akin to the mystic journeys recounted by shamans or spiritual explorers.

The DMT 'trip,' thus, bridges the human conscious experience with the mystic 'unseen' narrative, proposing a shared substratum of consciousness.

Furthermore, DMT experiences often yield a deeper sense of intuitiveness and sensitivity towards the 'unseen' aspects of existence. This can unfold in the form of renewed self-awareness, profound spiritual insights, or a sense of unity with the cosmos. Essentially, the DMT-inspired journey illuminates the unseen corners of the self and the universe, which conventionally remain beyond our conscious grasp.

To give a broader context, the DMT encounters find striking parallels with the spiritual principle of 'Anima Mundi' or the 'World Soul.' This notion perceives the world as an integrated consciousness imbued with purpose and intelligence, propelling the human spiritual journey towards a greater cosmic wholeness. The DMT experiences seem to embody this ancient wisdom, fostering a sense of belonging to this vast conscious expanse.

In conclusion, the potential release of DMT during breathwork appears as a key that opens up a bridge between the seen and unseen realms of existence, crafting a profound narrative of consciousness. This bridges our daily experience with deeper layers of perception and unearths a realm rich with wonder, wisdom, and wholeness – illuminating the path to personal transformation and spiritual awakening.

Connecting Conscious & Unconscious:

Breathwork-DMT interplay can begin to blur the lines between our conscious and unconscious dimensions. By stimulating non-ordinary states, it provides access to the unconscious mind, thus allowing for the surfacing and resolution of suppressed feelings, unresolved trauma or embedded self-limiting beliefs.

Our mind operates on two primary levels - the conscious and the unconscious. The conscious mind is where our current thoughts, feelings, and focus reside, while the unconscious is the vast reservoir of memories, experiences, and unresolved emotions unobserved by our everyday awareness.

The interaction between breathwork and the potential release of DMT has the power to transform this dichotomy into a continuum, smoothing the lines between these two dimensions of the psyche.

The conscious mind is akin to the observable tip of an iceberg, while the unconscious is the colossal stratum beneath the water's surface. The breath-DMT bridge zaps us into non-ordinary states of consciousness, enabling a deep dive into these sunken depths. This journey might be intense or mystifying, echoing poet T.S Eliot's words, "We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time."

Through the lens of psychoanalytical psychology, the unconscious mind is a repository of suppressed feelings, traumas, and self-limiting beliefs. These often stem from experiences in our early formative stages that were too overwhelming to process consciously. As a protective mechanism, the mind 'seals' these fragments in the unconscious, where they continue to linger and subtly influence our behaviors and emotional responses.

The potential release of endogenous DMT during shamanic breathwork can manifest as a rupture in this seal. Heightened awareness can lead to the surface of previously suppressed emotions or memories. Like bubbles rising from the ocean floor, they ascend the threshold of the unconscious into our conscious awareness.

A profound sense of catharsis often accompanies this emergence as individuals confront and release these pent-up emotional fragments. This process promises therapeutic relief, liberating individuals from the shackles of unresolved past experiences.

Additionally, these non-ordinary states can help individuals identify and reevaluate deeply embedded thought patterns or behavioral scripts, often invisible to the conscious mind. By shedding light on these 'shadow' aspects, breathwork-DMT interplay can transform limiting belief systems and catalyze significant personal growth.

However, it’s crucial to remember that exploring the unconscious should be undertaken with care and preferably under the guidance of a trained professional. Unraveling the deep-seated layers of our psyche can be emotionally intense and may bring unsettling experiences to the fore.

In conclusion, the interplay between breathwork and the potential endogenous release of DMT presents a potent tool to bridge the conscious and unconscious realms. This journey into the innermost caverns of the mind can foster a profound release of emotional baggage, encourage the evolution of self-perceptions, and ultimately catapult personal growth and transformation. It reminds us that beneath the physicality of our being, we are, in essence, a complex tapestry of intertwined experiences and emotions, ever-evolving in consciousness.

Uniting Body & Spirit:

Through breathwork, one can tune into the embodied presence, grounding the spirit in the body. The potential release of endogenous DMT only deepens this process, fueling an inner journey that illuminates our spiritual aspects. It harmonizes the physical and spiritual dimensions, creating a holistic sense of well-being that acknowledges the body as the vessel of the spirit.

The dichotomy of body and spirit has long been a subject of existential debate and spiritual exploration. This distinction affirms the body as the tangible, physical part of our existence, while the spirit embodies our consciousness, intuition, and link to the divine.

Interestingly, the interplay of breathwork and the endogenous release of DMT serves as a potent means of harmonizing these physical and spiritual dimensions, asserting the union between the body and spirit.

In the practice of breathwork, the conscious control of breathing rhythm creates awareness of the 'embodied presence.' It directs the mind's focus inward, reconnecting with the physical feeling of being alive - the rhythmic rise and fall of the chest, the subtle air currents in the nostrils, and the sense of tranquility that descends with each out-breath.

This mindfulness helps ground the spirit in the body, subsequently imbuing corporeal existence with a depth of meaning and interconnection that extends beyond mere biological functions.

The potential release of endogenous DMT during intense breathwork is postulated to intensify this process. As a potent psychoactive compound, DMT is known to trigger extraordinary states of consciousness, often likened to deeply spiritual or mystical experiences. As one immerses in the DMT-influenced state, a fascinating journey unfolds that further illuminates the spiritual dimensions within oneself.

These novel states of consciousness, coursing through the physiological vessel of the body, represent an intriguing reconciliation of the physical and spiritual realms. They affirm the unity of experience that transcends the division between the body and the spirit, resonating with philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin's famous quote, "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience."

In this matrix of unity, the body becomes more than a physical entity. It transforms into a sacred vessel that harbors our spiritual essence and navigates us through the corporeal world. The rhythms of its existence – the heartbeat, the breath, the cycles of rest and activity – become the language through which our spirit communicates and interacts with the physical world.

Furthermore, this union of body and spirit fosters holistic well-being. When we heed the harmonious rhythm of our spirit and body, we unlock a wellspring of self-awareness, healing, and personal growth. The rejuvenating impact might manifest physically through enhanced vitality, emotionally as inner peace, and spiritually as a deeper understanding of our cosmic interconnections.

In conclusion, the breathwork and potential DMT release serve as a confluence where the body and the spirit find their harmony. This union shifts our perspective from a fragmented view of our existence to a holistic understanding where the body is the anchorage for our spiritual voyage. The path towards this integration fosters an environment for deep transformative experiences that inspire a multi-dimensional exploration of our being.

Personal Transformation & Consciousness Expansion:

The key result of these bridging processes is a profound personal transformation. As the breath-induced DMT release connects us with our innermost selves and the universe, it fortifies a sense of unity consciousness and broadens perspectives. This understanding empowers individuals to embrace growth, peace, and fulfillment, harnessing the transformative power of their consciousness.

The breathwork-DMT dynamic is more than a practice- it's an experience, a transformative journey that facilitates the evolution of the self, causing consciousness to expand beyond ordinary limits. Mere words may fall short in describing this profound shift, for it transcends the realm of standard vocabulary, delving into experiential wisdom.

Personal transformation, as a result of these bridging processes, is multifaceted, involving changes at multiple levels of the self - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The breath, rhythmic and persistent, guides us inward, into our being's depths where we confront our hidden truths, dormant potential, and suppressed emotions, catalyzed by the potential release of DMT.

This act of delving deep is akin to releasing a bird from a cage, allowing the spirit to soar high, and discovering dimensions beyond habitual thought patterns and societal programming.

By bringing these aspects to the surface, we begin to accept and heal the parts of ourselves we have mildly acknowledged or outright ignored. Herein begins the transformation- part catharsis, part resurgence, and part evolution. The wind of change blows, dismissing the clouds of self-doubt, emotional baggage, and limiting beliefs, bringing forth a renewed sense of self that's empowered, resilient, and self-aware.

Simultaneously, the journey inwards expands outwards, casting off the illusion of separateness and embracing unity consciousness.

The breath-DMT journey can foster experiences of spiritual interconnection, often described as 'oneness' or 'unity with the cosmos.' This is the realm where 'I' dissolves into 'We', leading to a significant shift in perception from egocentric to ecocentric perspectives. The silhouette of the self merges with the universe's vast expanse, fortifying an understanding imbued with interconnectedness, empathy, collective responsibility, and universal love.

This expansive consciousness contributes to personal transformation by eroding the narrow confines of our usual awareness, creating room for broader perspectives. Life is seen not as a linear path marred by obstacles but as a rich tapestry of intertwined experiences, each contributing to our growth and evolution.

Such a transformative journey not only cultivates peace and fulfillment within the self but also radiates it outward. The transformed individuals, empowered and awakened, ripple their vibrations into their immediate environment, influencing it positively. They evolve from passive respondents to life to conscious creators, guided by wisdom, empathy, and understanding.

In concluding thoughts, the interplay of breathwork and the potential release of endogenous DMT heralds profound personal transformation, enveloping the evolutionary journey of individual consciousness. The phrase 'Know thyself' acquires new depths as one navigates through the labyrinth of self, emerging empowered and enlightened. This transformative power of consciousness succinctly echoes in Rumi's words, "Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself." The transformed self becomes a mirror reflecting the boundless universe within, acknowledging the symphony of existence, and embracing the potential for boundless growth.

In conclusion, the nexus between breathwork and the potential release of endogenous DMT forestalls a fascinating avenue to consciousness exploration and personal transformation. As breath serves as a vehicle for such experiences, it effectively becomes a bridge – between the seen and unseen, conscious and unconscious, body and spirit – guiding us towards a deeper understanding of our reality and existence.

I look forward to seeing you at our bi-monthly online breathwork ceremony to keep exploring the magic of the breath and our personal transformation!


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Aug 21, 2023

Amazing article Angell! Looking forward to joining the next session!


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