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Updated: Sep 1, 2019

In our Heart and in our lives, there is a deep calling for wilderness, that we often don't listen to... As we build our lives, our careers, our organizations, and as we plant our gardens, and learn "fear" we have a tendency to make our lives very organized, where no wilderness is allowed. Wilderness is even seen as a sign of chaos and risk. So we plant lawns and not prairies, we hide behind makeup and don't show our true face, and we fill our lives with designer brands instead of home-made objects.

In this emotional podcast, I explore how the return to wilderness, the understanding of its power, is essential for our individual emotional and spiritual balance.

I also believe it is key for a more healthy society, and more awakened organizations.

So unless we recognize that deep longing in our Heart and act towards it, we will miss understanding who we truly are. And our search for the Divine will become an endless search for perfection, missing the key power and truth of our imperfections.

This podcast has also a video on The Sanctuary YouTube Channel and was inspired by my visit to the Botanical Garden of Dallas, TX.

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