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The Crisis of Belonging and Post-Humanist Intelligence with Dr. Bayo Akomolafe - With exclusive shorts!

In this thought-provoking episode of The Sanctuary, host Angell Deer engages esteemed posthumanist thinker Dr. Bayo Akomolafe for a deep dive into the mysteries and complexities of life.

Dr. Akomolafe, an internationally recognized speaker, author, and the visionary behind the Emergence Network, opens the door to profound insights about our rapidly changing world and our role within it. Throughout the enlightening discourse, the wisdom-packed conversation navigates through societal behaviors, cultural paradigms, and post-humanist intelligence, underscoring how our actions often depend on complex factors including technologies and societal structures.

Here are some short extracts for you (you will find the full interview at the end of the post)

Understanding Individuality: A Dance with the Planet

The conversation turns its gaze to the influences of Liberalism and Capitalism on societies, and the quest for grounding amid global crises.

Exploring Justice, Solidarity, and Global Healing: A Deep Dive into Modern Societal Challenges

The dialogue concludes with a reflection on uniformity and diversity, examining the possibility of embracing the tumultuousness of life rather than attempting to control it.

Exploring the Paradox: How Diversity Can Lead to Uniformity

Alighting on notions of belonging, injustice, and compasses amidst rising conflict and crisis, the episode elucidates not just human suffering, but an interconnected web of pain and co-existence extending beyond human limits.

The narrative delves into the concept of justice as a tangible entity rooted in public order, accompanied by a gripping discussion on the meaning of solidarity in times of distress. The episode concludes in a contemplation of rituals and ceremonies, serving as anchors in a chaotic world and the necessity of embracing our alien self.


And you can also listen to it on our podcast on all podcast platforms

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did spending that sacred time with Bayo.

Angell Deer

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