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The Earth is crying, are you listening?

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Our great Mother, our most ancient elder, our most wise family member, is calling all of us right now. She is making her cry so loud that we cannot ignore it anymore. And all her relations are being affected. She is giving us a chance to listen, and to act.

We are called to see the true enemy. Self-Ignorance. Ignorance that all we do is interconnected and what we do to others and to her, we are doing it to our-self. When we pollute the Air, the Water, the Soil, we are hurting our-self here and now. When we disrespect and hurt others, either being humans or animals or trees or plants or rocks, we are hurting our family, our only one big family, all born of Her.

She is showing us her wisdom as she is the only One who truly knows how to create eternal balance and peace. We clearly don't. Yet plants, trees, animal, and Earth do, they showed us. But still, we prefer to listen to "human wisdom"...

We are the youngest of her children. Human came late in the creation. That is why natives keep telling us that if we want to have wisdom we need to listen to our elder brothers (trees, plants, rocks) and to our Mother. That is why when Natives fight for Water or Forest, they know they are fighting for that thing that is us. Not for something separated. Not for something that can be owned or dominated. I was deeply reminded of this last night meeting and listening to Tiokasin Ghosthorse, an elder, and a member of the Cheyenne River Lakota Nation of South Dakota.

We need more than a change of government, or energy source, or laws. We need to step out of Self-Ignorance and a change of paradigm. The old paradigm made of borders, dominance over "anything and everything" outside of what I call me. Tiokasin invited us to pray (in Lakota language prayer also mean act) from our heart space, to stop using the words "I" and "me", and to ask our Mother and our elder brothers (trees, plants, animals, rocks), what they want, and what to do.

We certainly have power. A power in our heart connected to the infinite wisdom of our ancestors. We have the power to choose through what we buy, what we wear, what we eat, what we do every day with the gift of our life.

We all have an infinite Light inside and that is where I can see everyone, truly SEE, behind the skin color, the religions, the nationality, the clothing they were... And it's from and within that Light that I can and shall act only. A place where everyone can be loved and heard and healed.

Like one of my teachers reminded me last week: "you don't have to like everyone and agree with everything, but you have to Love everyone. Only from that place won't you create more separation and won't you target The wrong enemy. The real enemy is Self-Ignorance". Let's all stay vigilant, in the hard task to be impeccable in holding that space for our-self first and for others.

The Earth is calling us, and we are starting to hear Her more and more, she wants us to see. She cares. So don't ever be discouraged or in fear or worried, ever, because we are rising, we are rising...


Gil / The Sanctuary

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