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The good days, and the others...

There are days when I feel, see, and vibrate the Magic.

When I wake up in awe of all that surrounds me.

When the whisper of birds makes my heart sing.

When the pain of the world seems to fade gently.

When the meaning of life shines powerfully through all things.

When clarity illuminates every part of my mind and life.

When I can hear the singing of my ancestors, trees, and rocks.

When the tears have stopped and the questions are answered.

When the warmth in my hands can warm my heart, body, and soul.

When my demons are resting and gently playing, in their room.

When my inner child has finally forgiven and forgotten.

When I feel compassion for those who betrayed me, abused me and hurt me.

When depression, anxiety, and despair have left my mind towards a faraway land.

When my body can move with ease and grace.

When my heart can relax and smile at the beauty of it all.

And then there are the other days. All the other days. Angell Deer

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