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The Hero’s Journey and Finding Balance in LifE

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Guillaume makes three recommendations for entrepreneurs. The first one is that behind every success there are often struggles, failures and mistakes.

He says “successful entrepreneurs are people who have failed many times, and tried many times, and one day got successful”. Guillaume emphasizes that we should not see successful entrepreneurs as invincible heroes that don’t cry or fail. If we do so, we are setting ourselves for failure because that image is not true.

The second recommendation is to find the calling within. Taking time to really think about it, because as an entrepreneur you will probably dedicate your life to a project or an endeavor so you need to make sure it is aligned with your purpose.

The third recommendation is to get a mentor or a coach; a professional who can support you and have failed before you. Guillaume says that these support networks are like GPS; “they don’t tell you where to go, but where to turn” to avoid getting in the wrong places.

Guillaume also talks about the hero’s journey. A life quest with many challenges that help people become what their potential is.

He talks about finding and deploying our purpose as a way to have true lasting happiness in the corporate and nonprofit worlds, and explains how many people seem to be successful, but in reality might be unhappy as lacking a true purpose. They have a calling inside them that they are not answering. And this is what Guillaume considers their life purpose.

Guillaume explains the work he does coaching and mentoring business people, CEOs and entrepreneurs to find their own voice and purpose.

You can contact Guillaume via his website, LinkedIn or twitter.

Listen the podcast here:

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