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The incredible power of being an Empath

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Being an Empath is often viewed as a handicap in our western world. We think we feel "too much", that it is taking a toll on our well being, that we get entangled in other people energy. There are many definitions of being an Empath, often very spiritual, but in fact, my view of it is that being an Empath is being able to be fully Human by FEELING ALL yet staying fully centered and strong.

Our own bodies, our energy bodies, are designed for connection. We are naturally wired to FEEL and absorb/sense the energy around us from people, spaces, and the environment. So that's truly a gift we all carry. We are not "special" we are just fully in tune with our incredible magical capacity to see with all our senses.

In Norse shamanism the rune for the medicine man, the shaman, is Isa. A straight vertical line. It's an image to remind us that the wise, the teacher, the medicine man, is connected to the Earth (the mother), the Cosmos (the father) and that he/she stand still in between. He/She stand still in the storm.

Yet many people who define themselves as Empath, experience the world in an overwhelming way. They are not feeling still in the storm! That is a sad reality so often experience in today's world... So why was this considered a gift, and a POWER, by the elders?

There are many reasons.

1. First, we are very disconnected from Nature, and Source (Spirit). Nature and Spirit give us strong grounding and healing, strong guidance, which is necessary to be able to handle the world energies. Without it, we get swiped away easily by external energies. Big trees know that to reach heights they need to ground and grow deep roots first.

2. Second, we forgot the basic self-care wisdom ancient people had. Without good energy practice of clearing and protection, we become a sponge of dirty foreign energies. Soon what we experience is mainly "others" and not our own energies.

3. Third, we do not know how to hold own space anymore. Mainly because we are in our minds and "out there", focusing out energies outward on the world, news, and material things. We forgot that to handle the tremendous pain of the world we need to have a huge internal energy foundation.

4. Fourth, we have not done fully our own energy healing. We are therefore weaker and more sensitive to negative energies. Any lower vibration I carry will be a doorway for outside lower energies to enter. If I am only in high vibration, low vibration does not come in, they are "not interested" as love is not their food... But if I hold pain, resentment, anger, etc all those are food for outside low vibration, what we call "dark énergies or spirits"

5. Fifth, we do not know how to react to negative energy. We close down. Instead of opening up through love to be able to continue feeling and yet being stronger. The more I open through and with love, the more I can receive and let in. The stronger I am.

So, if we do not want to be the problem (the problem we are reacting to!), we have to be the solution, the medicine to the world. We have to do our own work, walk our own shadows, see our own darkness, heal our own trauma. The problem is NEVER our there, but always IN THERE.

So what can you do if you do not feel the gift but experience more the "shadow" side of it?

1. Heal yourself. You still carry wounds, we all do. From childhood. We carry stories we have told yourself for so long that we believe them to be the truth. We have low vibration parts in us which gets triggered by "others". We let those parts speak for us when we react. But parts are not who we are... There are many ways to heal through breathwork, sound, energy healing (Reiki for example), yoga, meditation, plant medicine, etc. All those practices can help to REVEAL what's hidden, FEEL what is holding us, and RELEASE them once we have learned why they were here in the first place. No shortcut here...

2. Clear our energy bodies daily (physical body, emotional body, mental body, spiritual body). You should not go to bed without taking that inner shower as those energies you picked up during the day will settle in and become part of you... You can check my older blog post on energy clearing. 

3. Learn how to hold our own space (without disconnecting!). We are sovereign beings. NO ONE can take our energy away unless we give permission for it. NO ONE has power over us unless we are already dis-empowered. Seek in your life when and how you give your power away. There are big opportunities for learning there... BUT do not fall into the spiritual bi-passing trap to think you are holding your space but in fact close your Heart to feel less. We want to feel the pain fo the world and "others" in our own heart yet not been carried away or weaken by it.

4. Learn how to protect your energies (without disconnecting!). There are many technics (breath work especially, visualization, etc) to protect your energy field. Also, many plants can help you (like Palo Santo or Sacred Tobacco). Learn those technics and use them, especially in the morning before going to work or interacting with other people.  

5. Use any opportunity to open your heart and raise your vibration.  Remember that the more the Heart open, the stronger the energy field you carry. The more you react, shut down, judge, complain, separate, the more your nervous system goes into the "fight/flight/freeze" mode and the less you have the capacity to FEEL and yet feel safe. Anything else is YOU giving YOUR OWN POWER away...

 6. Use Love to hold your pain and the pain of the world. When we are triggered by others, their behavior, or the state of the world (and yes there is a lot to be pained about...), we have less capacity to be part of the solution. It's one thing to feel the pain, it's another one to be angry about it. Anger is not power. See the beautiful example of Martin Luther King Jr, Mother Theresa, or the Dalai Lama. They are showing us how to be and act in time of trouble without being another negative voice and disempowered being. They used LOVE as their energy and yet ACT in depth on the issues. 

So yes as an Empath (a human being!) you have incredible power to change yourself (what a blessing to feel what trigger us and to inquire within) and to change the world!

Are you ready to fully embody the power, and responsibility, of your gift? 

Are you ready to fully take responsibility for your own healing?

Are you ready to bring Love instead of pain / self-judgment / anger and resentment?

Are you ready to remember that you are the solution and it does not require to change others?

Are you ready to shine?

Sending much Love and compassion to everyone out there who is ready to feel more, knowing that when we are fully in our power we can never feel too much...

With my blessings,

Shawinigan Ungaia aka Guillaume Gauthereau

PS: If you need support in your process, your healing, your beautiful self discovery, I am here to support you, PM me.

PS2: You are part of an Empath community or have Empath friends who could benefit from this discussion? SHARE THIS POST WITH THEM!

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