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The Sacred Search for Peace

Very often in history, or in relationships, or in self-healing work, we agree to peace by either "winning over" the oppressor or going into passivity and acceptance. This does not create long-term peace. There is resentment, anger, and a deep feeling of injustice rooted in that superficial peace-making.

True peace, either being inner peace or outer peace, require that all parts are reconciled and at peace. That all parts are seen and held. That all parts are healed.

I can see such a similarity in the way we fight with "enemies" in our world, in our families, in the way we fight with our inner demons. We are ready to fight or flight. Never to accept and reconcile. Our Ego fights so much for winning that it disconnects us from our Heart that guided us to win through the libération of all of us, of all our parts.

Unconditional love for self requires deep inquiry and strong boundaries. It requires being able to settle in our knowing center without any need for approval or triggering from disapproval. It is such a deep knowing that it becomes a force for awakening and transformation. It is never from the wound or the Ego but always from the heart.

Therefore in the healing process either every part will be loved and we will "win" or some parts of us will be suppressed, pushed away, numbed, and no one will ever win. My power is in my full unapologetic acceptance.

I see this over and over with my clients. The fight against the pain, against the anger, against the sadness, against everything that does not seem to fit the definition we had to believe about what makes us humans. And my process is always the same. Reconnecting to the exiled parts. To the young parts. Through body Somatic experience. Through dearmoring. Through breath. Through sound. Through embodiment.

So go with your full heart into all your battles. Go with your full breath. Go with your full presence. Inner battle. Outer battle. And make sure everyone will win. That's the beautiful price of true long-lasting peace.

Angell Deer 🦌 💚

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