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Updated: Sep 1, 2019

HAPPY :-) One year ago exactly I launched my first YouTube channel for The Sanctuary !!! :-) Did you subscribe to the free videos? Bit.ly/TheSanctuaryYouTube

The idea was to publish simple videos on Healing, Living in harmony with our environment, Plant Medicine, Nature, Reiki and shamanic healing, and inspiring talks. I hope you will find some interest in it! Let me know what you would like to hear about...

In any case, thank you so much for supporting me and subscribing to The Sanctuary Channel!

Here at bit.ly/TheSanctuaryYouTube

First video on "How to drink the fresh sap of Maple Trees"

Did you know that Nature provides free and unlimited healing food plant medicine? Did you know that Maple trees in the first warm days of spring produce a very nourishing sap that can help your body heal? Yes Maple syrup is made with this maple sap. In a few minutes and with a very simple equipment you can harvest a few gallons of this previous drink. Check this video I made at @TheSanctuaryNY on how to do this and subscribe to our YouTube channel launch!!! HERE at bit.ly/TheSanctuaryYouTube . DID YOU LIKE THE VIDEO? like it video to support the healing work we are doing here. God bless all of you for your help! #nature #heal #healer #tree #maple #sap #sirup #herbalism #plantmedicine #plant #forest #medicine #love #TheSanctuaryHeal

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