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The Secret of the Spiritual Path

"For those of you on the spiritual path,

I have a secret.

When you finally sit in all the ayahuasca ceremonies,

When you complete your 16th vision quest,

Have done countless rituals,

and fasted for 10 days…

The answer is; come back to earth and do the work. Right here.

Where you’re at.

And with what you have in front of you.

Be a good human.

Be a good friend.

Serve those who have less than you.

Protect the earth.

Protect innocence.

Start with what is innocent inside of you.

Be a good human.

Be kind. Be honest.

Be humble. Forgive yourself.

Yes, it is important to heal.

Yes, it is important to gain a bigger perspective.

But don’t get lost in the lust of always wanting something more.

Don’t yoke your ego to your spirituality.

Every guru has his folly.

Don’t be so quick to give over your power.

Any true teacher will lead you to your own power.

Any worthwhile medicine will heal you until you don’t need it anymore.

Don’t let your path to liberation become a trap.

Do the work. Be a good human.

You don’t have to try so hard to be perfect.

Your mistakes are the greatest teacher you will ever have.

Your love is the most valuable gift you will ever give.

You can relax.

Be a good human."

-Miriam Elyse

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