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The sick asylum of Society

It's quite fascinating to me that often people think that walking a shamanic path (meaning walking in alignment and connection to Nature and its Spirits) is seen as weird, crazy, dangerous, or "being a savage" while those with lifestyle and jobs that destroy the Earth are seen as sane and normal.

This is just one blatant example of the insanity of the modern world and our culture. Sorry, our society. We do not have a culture as culture (in the healthy and non colonized definition) require rite of passages, ceremonies, honoring the sacred and the ancestors, wisdom keepers and elders leaders, respect and transmission of traditions honoring each individual uniqueness, the inclusion of diversity and women, protection of children, caretaking of the Earth, etc.


Eating an animal that was raised in a concentration camp (CAFO) is perfectly acceptable and normal while eating dandelion and violet from your garden is seen as crazy and abnormal behavior.

Using painkillers like ibuprofen that kills 1,000s in the US alone every year is perfectly normal while foraging your own pain medicine from the forest (with no side effect or risk of death) is seen as dangerous.

Living in a concrete building filled with toxic paints and plastics, in total disconnection of the land and nature, is perceived as a "cool, modern and evolve" lifestyle, while living on and from a land is seen as a singularity and weird way to live.

I could go on and on with the many ways the depth of insanity in our society is so profound that the points of reference to what is normal are in fact completely abnormal, unhealthy, unethical, and evidently unsustainable.

So walking those ways will always require facing the "asylum of society" with its judgment, misunderstanding, and sickness. It's just how it was, is, and will be for a very long time.

Yet so many are remembering. Seeing. And walking away from the sick mind of the world, into nature, into healthier communities, and healthier relationships.

Not to prove anything to anyone, but because the pain of staying in the old system is just not bearable anymore.

The Wild has the answer. It always had. Always will.


Angell Deer

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