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The Universe Within

In this episode, Jason Grechanik spoke with me about shamanic initiation, personal transformation, and the long (and often hard) journey of "Self" finding.

We met last year when we hosted him and his colleague, Merav Artzi, where they ran a tobacco dieta retreat at The Sanctuary.

"I enjoyed being able to sit down with Angell and learn more about his story, what brought him into this work, and what he has to share. He’s had a varied life and has an interesting perspective drawing from his own life experience and having worked in many traditions. I think you’ll get a lot out of Angell’s sharing and his wisdom." Jason G.

Listen to the podcast version here:


Jason’s journey has led him around the world in search of questions he has had about life. Early in his twenties, he began to develop a keen interest in plants: as food, nutrition, life, and medicine. He began learning holistic systems of medicine such as herbalism, Traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, and nutrition. That curiosity eventually led him to the Amazon where he began to work with plants to learn traditional ways of healing.

Jason came to work at the ayahuasca healing center Temple of the Way of Light in 2012. After having worked with ayahuasca quite extensively, he began the process of dieting plants in the Shipibo tradition. In 2013 he began working with maestro Ernesto Garcia Torres, delving deep into the world of dieting. Through a prolonged apprenticeship and training, involving prolonged isolation, fasting, and dieting of plants, he was given the blessing to begin working plants.

He currently runs plant medicine retreats in Peru and travels abroad running dietas. He also works at the Temple of the Way of Light as a facilitator of ayahuasca ceremonies. Jason also created a podcast called The Universe Within.

Plants truly are our food, our life, our medicine, and they are alive and here to help us learn from them. They can open us to a world that we perhaps never could have imagined: the world of who we are. When we approach them with respect, honor, humility, and a genuine desire to learn, they can open the doors of life and heal us on all levels. Jason is deeply grateful to all of his teachers, everyone that has helped him in this journey to where he is, and to wherever it may lead.

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