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The Wisdom of Animals, bring it in your heart and your life with your Power Animals...

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Wild animals because they are fully in tune with Nature, hold a precious wisdom that helps them survive through the seasons and encounters of their lives. All of us are fascinated by going into the wild watching animals in their surrounding, seeing a lion in the savanna, an eagle in the sky, a bear in a forest, an owl flying through the trees, a whale jumping out of the ocean, an octopus incredible skills... We can by watching them get to understand more of the mystery of their life, but they also offer a mirror into our own lives and our intellectual reasoning. The inspiration and Joy we get as we observe wild animals serve as a foundation to reset our balance and inner-peace.

Ancient sage and Native tribes always knew this and developed very refine tools that allow anyone to connect deeply with the animal world. Through drumming, rattling, chanting, dancing, we can enter into an altered state of consciousness (a little bit like a dream) and step out of the middle world (the world we live in) to go into other Spirit realms. After a few minutes of drumming your brain waves change and you will start to be able to see (in the same way as a dream) images of the Spirit realms of animals (under-world).

It might sound a little "out-there" if you never experienced this before or if you are not totally convinced there is a whole other world, invisible to the eyes, where other "energies" express themselves. The first time I took a shamanic journey, I was a bit skeptical. Yet after 10 minutes of drumming, I step into what I called an "extra-ordinary world" which now is much more familiar to me, and is very much part of my daily life.

The most amazing were that the animals I met there, had wisdom, advises for me, which were just beyond what I ever heard. It was so powerful and so supportive that I realized quickly why shaman, medicine man, told us that we cannot live a perfectly happy life if we only take guidance from the visible (through the eyes) world. We need to tap into other sensory capacities to feed our knowledge and take the right life decisions.

For many years now, I have run "Power Animals & Shamanic Journeying" workshops. Very often even online with clients spread across the globe. And every single time I witness people discovering their power animals after just a few sessions, guided by a drum. The stories and messages they bring back are just extraordinary and powerful, often life changing. The wisdom of the animals just allowed all of them to take better decisions in their life, at work, and in their relationships. Often also Power Animals stepped in to support the healing of a situation or of an ailment.

I hope this gave you some ideas of why knowing your power animals, developing a relationship with them, and experiencing a shamanic journey are essential tools we should all learn.

Next week I am offering 2 power animal workshops. A 2 hours workshop in Woodstock, and a full day workshop in NYC (Where you will also learn how to put your journey into drawings/painting (no experience required). We only have a few spot left. If you are intrigued, looking for guidance, for healing, and want to experience something really unique, I invite you to join me on that fun journey!

Blessings to you all,



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