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The Wisdom of the Forest

I find it beautiful and fascinating that science is often catching up 1000s of years after Native and traditional wisdom had made a discovery.

The beauty of traditional and ancient teachings is that they are accessible by each and every one of us. To all those who take the time to connect to the natural and spirit world in an authentic and humble way.

The power of it is that when connecting ourselves directly to Nature and spirit is that we have a direct and embodied experience of the world that is much more intimate and true than reading about it in a book.

Trees and forests are rich with teachings about life, community, health, and harmonious inter-relatedness. They embody and carry daily the original perfect prayer of the Creator.

I have been asked to talk in a few weeks live in front of 1000s of people, streamed live globally to an audience of millions, about Forest, regeneration, and sustainability.

So my first step is going to go to the forest. Sit there in silence. Pray and ask permission to speak on behalf of them. And deeply listen to the answers.

What can forest teach us about living in community?

Can we mirror the inter-relatedness of trees into our own inter-relatedness and heal our traumas?

What are examples of social justice in the forest kingdom?

How can we use wilderness wisdom to decolonize our lives?

What is the connection between our destructive attitude toward nature and our disconnection from the living and spiritual world?

What are the best ideas we can learn from the forest and trees to return to authentic sacred activism and dissolve our power dynamics between (and within) humans and the natural world?

I am sure the trees and forest will come with unexpected messages and guidance that will be much more true and impactful than anything I can think of.

I want to feel it in my bones. Let it sing like an ancient song in my soul. Find the simplest and yet deepest essence of those teachings.

I want to return again and again to what will truly heal my body, my mind, and my ways, and potentially bring change to this world.

I commit to deep listening and to unlearning.

Teach me ancient ones. Angell Deer

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