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Time to cultivate the Awe of unknowingness

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

I use to have many questions about Life, spirit, humanity, earth, pain, healing, anger, racism, balance, love, ... And I use to spend countless amount of time to try to figure all out, to make sense of all, and to find clear answers.

As I continue to dive in my path, I am more and more convinced that what I need are not more answers but different questions. That I need to re-examine my questioning to shift it. True questions when you come to the heart of what really you are asking, do not lead to "answers" but to a new set of questions which enlarge the perspective and embrace the magic and unknowingness of the divine.

The most sacred experience, moment, can't be fully explained. Can't be put into specific and precise words. But more often leave us with a deeper sense of wonders, of Awe, which the mind cannot and will never grasp.

As I go from wanting answers to sitting with more questions, I allow my Heart to run my life, from a non-dualistic place of Love. I truly embody more closely the God & Goddess in me.

At least I am asking myself more often questions which have no answer like "what is this all about?" And "Who am I?" And I love sitting in the unanswered space and FEEL all what unfold when I sit there, mostly amazed, sometimes a little shaken or scared, surrendering fully to a divine place the mind will never grasp...

Time to cultivate the Awe of unknowingness ❤

Shawinigan Ungaia

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