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To the Source of All...

This morning I prayed to the source. Something I very rarely do. More often praying to the manifestations of the source.

As I traveled to meet the beyond-word power, beyond the galaxies and quarks, I was suspended between time and space in what was revealed as an invisible yet felt presence.

"I am the constant unbreakable unchangeable untamable emanation from the void that created you and All" she said.

All of Creation flashed image by image in that revelation. A tree, a planet, a dog, a star, a stone, a particle, a tree, a color... Next and within each manifestation was that presence, that intelligent emanation.

Wise beyond words. Powerful beyond dreams.

Who am I to doubt this power?

Does the leaf ever doubt her power to harvest the sun?

Does a bird ever shy from singing God's longing?

Does a rock ever resent its manifestation?

That vibration was permeating everything. One vibration. One emanation from the ever-reaching and growing consciousness of the One.

Indeed I am as part of it all as the leaf is part of the tree. The rock of the mountain. The fur of the wild animal. The gut bacteria of the intestinal colonies.

There I found peace. Even my pain was from this emanation. From the wisest source of all. Connected to the quarks and the stardust.

There was nothing to reach. To search for. To manifest.

My task was only to allow the flow, the light, and the vibration to manifest into form, words, and presence. To let it be through me.

Just to let it be for one moment, this moment, in awe and humbled in the presence of it all.


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