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Together in aloneness

Many people keep asking "what is the meaning of it all?" in this world-humanity crisis.

No one, nor me, can pretend to give you the full meaning of it. In fact, I invite you to first check in your heart and feel what is the meaning of this for YOU.

But there is something very obvious and beautiful happening.

A coming together.

Our aloneness allows us to feel things more deeply as we have slowed down, retreated into our homes, and embrace more silence. In that space, we can feel more deeply the raw emotions of what is happening.

In the past few weeks, I have seen my community rising. Helping each other. Offering services of support. Caring more deeply for each other. Asking more often and with way more presence "How are you doing?". Caring about the answer. Holding space for the answers and emotions.

At the sanctuary, despite canceling all our in-person gatherings, we have regularly over 100 people registering for our online circles. Often, people, I have never met before. And the most profound part of this is feeling a community of people who are coming together because they care. Because we feel deeply we always need each other.

What we had forgotten. The sacred bond that connects us with each other and with all of life. This sacred bond that is not only our deepest desire but also our greatest gift.

We are connected. Always. And now we feel the depth of those connections in our body. Not an imaginary idea or a spiritual concept, no. The reality of those connections.

We are saying I love you with more depth. We are saying how are you with more depth.

We are feeling our togetherness through our aloneness.

We are also slowly opening to the "why". Why is this happening? Why such a small organism, with its own intelligence, can collapse our entire way of living? Ironic that the creator used the invisible, most small form of life, to bring down the most visible and arrogant species.

We are learning humbleness.

As kids that were sent home because they were not listening in the classroom and fighting with their friends, I can see the parallel of what Nature is doing to us. We were not listening and fighting in this classroom called humanity.

We did not respect our elders nor Nature, our teachers. We did not pay attention to the "others". We got really confused about what this curriculum (life) was about!

It was never about growing only material wealth. It was about growing emotional and spiritual wealth.

It was never about to be the first in the class. It was about the class to be the first.

It was never about "me". It was always about "us".

We became angry. Confused. Disconnected. And selfish.

So we have been sent home... For now.

So we could finally listen, learn, grow, heal, reconnect, care and love.

Alone and together.


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