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Trauma comes in Wave

Trauma comes in waves.

Sometimes the inner sea seems very calm and yet in the depth of the Ocean, the Earth (Body) is still shaking and wide open, bleeding and screaming. Those who carry Trauma know too well those moments of unsettling peace, where the deep echo of the Trauma is still resonating.

Sometimes the fire of the trauma erupts again, so strongly that within a few seconds a tsunami ripples all the way up. Unpredictable. And yet so predictable. Creating strong waves that comes destroying the calm beach of our emotional and mental bodies.

We learn with Trauma how to deepen our resilience when the sea is calm, to be ready for the next wave. We prepare. We train. We share. We open. We write. Through our prayers, breath, our words, our mind, our allies, our dear friends, our families, our therapists, and our community.

We learn when the wave approach to recognizing it as far ahead as possible. If we are silent enough, we can become better at predicting it, sometimes feeling it before it happens like birds flying away ahead of an Earthquake. But we have learned to stop flying away, as we have to fly through it.

We become curious and friends with the Storms, with our storms. We become more ready to allow the wave, to welcome It, to work with it, to trust it, to stop fighting it, and somehow to love it after hating it so much, knowing it carries the wisdom we need to face to grow stronger.

One day comes the time to heal the depth of the Ocean, the crack, the trauma. It is when we finally decide to go dive in the Ocean, to go meet the lava, to smell the intoxicating sulfuric vapors, to observe the cracks, to come closer to the raging boiling waters, to trust the furnace of the molten Earth, and to listen to the seemingly unbearable screaming Pain. A scream that slowly can be heard as a Song. One of the most caring songs of the Earth.

Armed with patience, with faith, with trust, ready to die for the Truth, we dive in again. This time deeper than ever. Knowing there will be no way back. No way back until we will have understood and remembered forever the song waiting for us. The song of the Pain wisdom, a song of Love. And that song will be our gift. The gift of our sacrifice. A song we will be able to sing to Humanity. A Humanity that desperately waits for the warrior to come back from his most courageous battle. Because this Song will become a living proof that She can heal.

So when you meet someone who has been through those life taking Tsunamis and yet is still standing courageously alive on the beach, facing the Ocean, facing his Storm. go sing to him. Sing him the prayers the ancient sailors used when facing storms, the wisdom songs of the Earth, the songs of those who dived before him to the deepest Oceans. He will need them when facing his next battle.

And remember. Remember that he is not healing "his" Earth, but Our Earth, the same Earth on which you are standing. He is not healing his Fire, but our shared fires. He is not healing his waters, but our shared Ocean.

Trauma is shared. Healing Trauma is not the work of one individual. It is the work of Humanity. It is the great Work we can only do all together so we can finally remember the Song that a healed Humanity will sing again together.

Healing comes in waves.

Shawinigan Ungaia / The Sanctuary

Art: Underwater Volcano, Samuel Enslin

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