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UFO Phenomenon, Connection to Shamanic Initiations & Non-ordinary States of Consciousness

Updated: Jan 13

Join us for 6-week of deep exploration into the UAP/UFO phenomenon and its connections to shamanic practices, Native American worldviews, and non-ordinary states of consciousness.

Kim and I just recorded a free access 1-hour video (and podcast) that explores those fascinating topics; watch it here below OR listen to our Podcast HERE

In 2017, news of a secret government UFO program made headlines in the New York Times. Since then, multiple Congressional hearings involving high-ranking military officials have brought UAP/UFO conversation out of the fringes and into the mainstream.

While many seriously contemplate the possibility of ET contact for the first time, contact has been an ongoing lived reality in Native American tribes for centuries, long before the official government announcement on UAP.

Further, the UAP mystery proves to be much deeper than potential visitors from another planet and is linked to non-ordinary states of consciousness, ongoing spiritual, mystical, and paranormal happenings, and contact with non-ordinary realities that shamans and medicine people around the globe have explored for centuries.

Individuals who report contact with UAP and their occupants experience enhanced psychic abilities, changes in their sensory perception and nervous systems, and most profoundly, changes in their values and worldviews that are rooted in a respect for the Earth and concern for the ecological crisis.

Topics to be explored include:

- UFO culture past and present

- The kinship worldview and extraterrestrial contact in Native American traditions

- The link between UAP encounters and non-ordinary states of consciousness

- The connections between “alien abduction” accounts and Shamanic initiation

- Profound value shifts in UAP contact experiences

- Human-initiated encounters or close encounters of the fifth kind, including CE-5 protocols.

Through readings, lectures, and discussions, participants will emerge with a much deeper understanding of the contact experience, Native American worldviews, and the implications of the UAP mystery for the evolution of human consciousness and our urgent need to restore our connections with Earth. Ready to join? Click here.

Kimberly S. Engels holds a PhD in philosophy and is a past participant in The Sanctuary’s Path of the Warrior course. She is currently a philosophy professor at Molloy University as well as the Director of Research and Development at the John E. Mack Institute. She has taught courses on the Phenomenology of UFOs/UAP through the Society for UAP Studies, as well as courses on Native American philosophy at her university.

Her academic research centers on the lived experience of individuals who report UAP encounters, as well as ET contact, as an ongoing lived reality in Native American societies and cultures. In the Summer of 2023, she conducted a formal study of individuals who reported contact with non-human intelligences (NHIs), and how such experiences had influenced their beliefs, values, and worldviews. This research suggested that UAP/UFO encounters are deeply intertwined with contact with non-ordinary realities and new paradigms for understanding consciousness.

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