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Walking the red road

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

There are roads we need to walk alone. Roads that are within the deepest parts of our heart and souls. Yet on those roads, we need guides who will pray for us and whisper their wisdom.

Walking the red road is a determined act to walk with the Spirits, God, the Creator, the Great Mystery. It is being able to walk with gratitude, humbleness, clarity, truth, unity, Love and spirituality. Not just during ceremonies or pilgrimage, but every day, every moment. Not just with ourselves but with everyone and everything.

I am just back from my 5 days at 5000+ meters (17000 feet) hiking around the Apu Ausangate in the magical Andes mountains of Peru and it is hard to put into words the depth of the outer and more importantly inner experience I went through. The Red Road I walked.

I can only share an immense feeling of gratitude. Gratitude for life. Gratitude for my breath and body. Gratitude for the medicine of the plants. Gratitude for the Apus and their wisdom. Gratitude for the prayers of the grandfathers and grandmothers for us. Gratitude for the wisdom I received. Gratitude for the healing I allowed.

I came back with one prayer. A prayer for you. A prayer for us all.

I pray that we all get to experience that profound gratitude for our lives. Bright clarity of what's true and not true in our heads and hearts. That we get to see the stories we created and let go of them. That we get to see clearly what serves us and what does not anymore. That we get to see Truth and lies in our lives. That we get to experience unity with all our relations (humans, animals, plants, rivers, mountains, rocks, birds, sky, earth...). That we understand that each new day is a new life if we decide it. That we are humble enough to seek wisdom from the elders of our world (all the grandfathers and grandmothers spirits). That we get to experience a deep self-love for our own lives and body.

By no mean I am an expert at walking the red road. Just being humbly reminded daily what truly matters. Also witnessing that true magic happens when I walk the Red Road.

It takes practice to see when we are walking it or not. It takes an ever-expanding Heart to stay on it. It takes humbleness to remember it.

May the practice, meditation and Lakota Prayer below guide you, and me, so we can all remember why we are here, what matters, and how to serve and love our Self and "others" in the most simple and authentic ways...

With Love from Peru,

Shawinigan Ungaia

How to practice walking the Red Road?

Witness through your eyes Feel within your body Remember inside your Heart

How can I bring more gratitude in my life? When/Where I don't feel grateful, see the truth behind the story? Where is there abundance in my life? Do I see clearly what is, not tinted by my stories? When am I seeing from my Ego instead of my Heart? When do I act from my Ego and stories and not from my Heart? When do I speak, act, walk not from Truth? Do I feel separation with "others", what stories are there? Can I feel Unity with all my relations or what prevents me? When someone triggers me, what parts of me are triggered? The whispering of the Elders has the wisdom I need. Do I listen? I am born of Love and kept alive by Love, is that my experience? When does my vibration lower and what can I do to raise it?

Meditation I WALK WITH GRATITUDE, CLARITY, UNITY AND LOVE Sit in meditation and repeat those words. Let your Heart and Soul revealed to you the wisdom of the Elders. You can use the video/song prayer below to support your meditation.

Indeed, our lives are guided by faith, not by sight.

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