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What are you going to do about it?

If we reflect on every action we take, everything we buy, every food we eat, every breath we take, we can immediately see if that is supporting life on this planet.

For me, earth day is just a reminder. A reminder of everyday blessings and responsibilities to be alive.

While most humans keep living lives that have a tremendous negative impact on the ecosystems of this world, many are becoming more and more aware of the urgency to take action.

I feel that because of the scale of the damage and of the needs, it is not enough to do the little things like recycling or reducing consumption.

We need to look with honesty at all aspects of our lives and make bigger changes. The work I do or the company I work for. The way I eat. The way I live. The way I travel. The politics I engage in. The local community I connect to. The land I take care of.

Am I perpetuating a corporate colonialist extracting greedy mindset or am I nurturing a new type of relating, consuming, connecting?

Indeed corporatism, colonialism, white supremacy, racism, women's oppression, are immensely linked to climate change, earth destruction, social injustice, poverty, wars, and unhealthy community and ecosystems.

We all know now that our children will inherit an earth more damaged and more fragile than the one we inherited from our parents.

So beyond just celebrating the Earth today, how willing am I to take a very deep honest look into my ways and how they are directly responsible for the issues we have to solve?

And more importantly, what am I going to do about it?

As a wise native elder told me years go, prayers are not enough. We need actions.

May we and I always find the courage to take the right actions for future generations.

May we let go of greed and power to return to a softer, slower, and gentler way of living.

May we thrive in harmony with the natural abundance of the world.


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