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What happened in UK is happening inside you!

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Fear. Separation. You and I. Us and them. In the wake of the very sad news of UK leaving the EU, I can see the parallel with Trump words in the US, with marine Le Pen in France, with the Orlando shooting in Florida, with the pain and anger in the heart of so many on this planet.

We need to continue being brave and work on the side of bringing everyone together. Showing that our apparent differences are on the surface and makes our beautiful diversity of color, religion, countries, beliefs, but that we all have the same red blood and heart. The same hopes and desire for peace. The same secret dream of inner happiness.

As we search for meaning in those moments, we can focus on all the good that this brings. Asking Light to rise brighter, asking ourself to be more compassionate, less angry, more accepting others with love and inclusion especially those we don't understand. Asking ourself to work harder on our own healing, our own inner peace, our own acceptance. Truth is there are millions who rose together after Orlando, way more than the few who proclaimed hate. Truth is Trump has no money in the bank for his campaign where Sanders had 400 times more! Truth is the OUT in UK is mainly by the old generation who is entangled in its limited belief and fears, while young ones overwhelming voted IN. Truth is UK might want to go away, but there are more countries in the EU than ever in the last 50 years of peace in Europe.

There is no us and them, no You and I, we are truly all One, United with Love by the desire of peace and happiness. Many can't see that, blinded by their own pain and wounds, lets see their wounds and pain, their fear and their anger, let's show them it's safe to love and accept, let's tell them the beautiful stories we have in our hopeful hearts, let's love them because they are also our brothers and sisters.

Check our Podcast on FEAR to dive more in this subject

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