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When Love dances with pain

There is Magic in the air. In the sky. In the land. In our bodies. And in our hearts.

Ending our shamanism school year with a powerful retreat all together on the land, I was in awe once again of how this work transformed our lives for the better. And will have immense ripple effects on so many.

More connection. More truth. More health. More presence. More slowing down. More authenticity. More purpose.

Less anxiety. Less fear. Less anger. Less confusion. Less separation. Less pain. Less blockages. Less disconnection.

It can be challenging to reclaim our power in a system designed to take it away. To trust in our own goodness. To see our own beauty. To feel our own hearts. To connect to our own medicine. To walk our own path.

In a year that was so challenging for me, witnessing those transformations reminded me that we do not need to be perfect to fly. To love. To guide. To give.

Like this lightning in the sky, the strongest light knows how to dance with the darkness. The strongest Love knows how to dance with your pain.

Our gifts to this world are weaved through all the parts of ourselves. The parts we love. And often, the parts we shamed, hid, abandoned, and hated.

If we can find the courage, dedication, and tools to come to peace with what troubles us the most, and love our inner demons, we can become authentic and vulnerable human beings who inspire others to do the same. Always in the spirit of gifting the world our healing.

"If the world is to be healed through human efforts, I am convinced it will be by ordinary people, people whose love for this life is even greater than their fear." Joanna R. Macy

May we all remember our Magic.

May we remember our Sacred dance.


Angell Deer

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