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When you awaken...

Awakening to higher consciousness

There is this moment in life when you realize that all the world's distractions, promises, and self-indulgence will not lead you anywhere close to reclaiming your ancient truth. When you awaken...

Despite all the ceremonies, sleepless nights, the next-best spiritual tools, and countless promises of unrooted shiny saviors, you start to see the cracks in the matrix of modern progress built on colonial separation, corporate greed, and capitalistic power.

You start to feel that this great speed and constant search for more is sucking the life out of your soul, shrinking your heart, harming every cell of your body and everyone in your community.

You start to feel that the infinite opinions of everyone about everything are just more noise layered on top of your most sacred knowing, your most profound silence.

You honestly question the constant rise, the illusion of progress, the climbing of ladders, the reach for the top, in a soul loudly asking for a descent, a return, a dissolving into infinity.

So you discover the slow medicine. The silent medicine.

The still point where all creation comes from.

You hear that the blessings of ancient ways are rooted in a humbling connected life to the land and respect for all the sentient beings who have lived there silently in harmony with her since the dawn of time.

You look at a flower; she teaches you a secret no university will tell you about. You watch the sky and feel an awe you will never experience on a dead digital screen. You laugh with a young child and feel a love and belonging you cannot buy in any store.

You found yourself behind all the noises, gossip, judgments, distortions, illusions, belittlement, programming, broken dreams, and promises of the world.

You were there all along. You were always there.

What you finally see in the morning mirror is perfect, beautiful, powerful, whole, and sacred.

You finally stand in the crucible of the Ancient, the magical cauldron of eternity and truth, and you start flying with the wings of time as you prepare your dissolution into unknowingness.


Angell Deer

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