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Why I write?

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

I write mainly for the great pleasure of writting. For years I felt shy, ashamed and that what was coming out of me had no worth. It took a great deal of healing, shadow work, self love and courage to open my blog.

And then I realised that may be just one person out there needed to read what I was writting. I started to receive those heart warming messages from "random" and far away strangers who needed that little lift that day, whom heart needed some love.

So I kept writting for that one person. Because me too one day something I read was the only support I was getting. And it changed everything.

So I wanted to thank all of you here who share this heart community with me, who are touched and uplifted by my words. But also want to thanks those who are triggered, upset, and challenged by those words. I know somehow deep inside me that seeds were planted in me sometimes through the trigger, the anger and the challenges.

I read and answer each of your comments and emails. Even when it's late at night and there are many of you who wrote. Because I know despite the distance, despite the fact we have never met, that we share the same heart, the same Love, the same divine spark.

It takes courage to be seen in our vulnerability. Courage to voice our feelings to friends and strangers. And it is this courage that inspire us to gather our hearts together.

If you feel you want to join my newsletter, spread those words, I send my gratitude to you. Deeply. Here is the link to register your email.

I promise not a perfect writting, not a perfect English, but a heart felt sharing. Always.

With love,


PS: I would love to read what's in your heart... ❤️

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