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Why you are Ready to be Seen!

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

When I launched The Sanctuary Podcast 2 years ago it was a major stretch to my edges to share my voice, publicly. I was scared. I wanted to keep myself small. This week it just reached 10,000 downloads. But that journey was not without fears, shame and pain...

I went through a lot of phases from:

"who am I to share spiritual wisdom?"

"What if my friends and family laugh at this?"

"I will never be as good as my teachers"

"Will I be ok to feel rejection and shame?"

"there are plenty of other spiritual podcasts out-there, why creating one more?"

The truth is that all the "risks" I felt were OUT THERE were just a reflection of all the "fears" that were IN THERE.

Coming "out of the closet" is always/often seen or felt like a risk, especially when it come as embodying our Spiritual calling. Being seen by others is often felt like a risk. Being authentic is always felt like a risk. This is where we often stand. We want to wait to "be better or perfect" to share our offering. Which is an endless wait...

The truth is that we need to come out with our imperfection and be ready to be seen, even failing. Only in this true nakedness can we truly feel "Can you SEE ME? Can you HOLD ME? Can you LOVE ME?". When we can feel it is ok to be seen in our imperfections, then we have truly started to heal the deepest wounds.

So yes I went through many phases of rejection, dear friends not listening, others thinking it was not interesting. But also received and keep receiving much more support and loving words every day.

Today I feel that this vulnerability brought me in touch with a more authentic voice within me. Forced me to look at the "why" and "how" of sharing my voice. So I want to thank you those who supported this from Day 1, and also those who did not as you pushed me into deeper inner territories, forcing me to face my fears, my shame, my insecurities. Ultimately you all helped me to find my voice, a bit deeper every day. I want to say THANK YOU to ALL of you.

So just know that YOU ARE READY too! To be SEEN! To be HEARD! To be HELD! To be LOVE! And that you are worthy of all of this, now, here, with all your imperfections.

Your GIFT, your OFFERING is to come out. Fully. Naked. Raw. Wild. Unapologetic. Here and now.

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Much Love,

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