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Why you need to awaken your leadership and your organization...

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

When & How Does True Transformation Happen? An individual goes through different phases in life. One’s experience of their professional and personal life is influenced by habits, desires, fears and shadows. If we learn to recognize the habits and patterns that drive our decision-making process, learn to see our shadows, recognize the fears that prevent us from changing with ease, we will avoid “quitting everything” and choosing the wrong path. It is only by acquiring inner-leadership that we can master our career and life, and, when organizations recognize the power of creating a dialogue on these essential subjects true long-term performance that is both optimal and fulfilling for the individual and organization can be achieved.

Awakened Leadership™ is a set of content & tools, mixing ancient wisdom and modern coaching that can be brought to your organization in various creative and powerful formats: Workshops, Motivational Speaking, Talks, Retreats, Online seminars, Year-long team and leadership development, Nature Wisdom Quest, and more…

Awakened Leadership was born out of my experience of 20+ years as a CEO of large companies and as an entrepreneur. In this video, I explain how everything started.

Awakened Leadership is for leaders who are eager to discover a place of ultimate empowerment resulting in:

Increased Creative CapacityCentered Presence & SerenityElimination of Self Limiting Beliefs and BlockagesIncreased Personal Wellbeing through better sleep and reduced stressHarmonious Relationships & Teams

Awakened Leadership is for organizations that want to foster peace, harmony, creativity and higher consciousness for all their employees resulting in:

Improved performancesImproved communication and conflict reductionIncrease resilience during crisisRenewed engagement of all employeesIncreased retention and recruiting

Awakened Leadership is for organizations that want to foster those values into their DNA and workforce.

Organizations who realized that the only way to continue performing is by profoundly transforming the way people work with each other, and exercise their power. By unleashing the forces of that new discovered wisdom, organization can not only perform better, but they can also become reference model across the business environment. By doing this they can unleash their capacity to attract the best talent, retain the brightest, and shine new desire from their clients.

Why Now?

Keep your organization on the cutting-edge of leadership developmentHelp to identify and mitigate burnout, increase retention and loyaltyCreate relevance for Millennial and Generation Z as future leadersShow its employees that your organization really cares for their inner well beingIncrease retention of the rising starsFacilitate the engagement of long-tenured “wisdom keepers” across the organizationStay relevant in the eco-system of corporate recruiting top talentIncrease individual well-being to fuel the company growth

How do you consciously create your life, business and relationships?

What are the proven techniques that build a fulfilling life?

How do you define happiness?

What are the sub-conscious needs of your most valuable leaders?

How do you stay relevant for the new generation of leaders?

It’s time to redefine success.

It’s time to redefine happiness.

It’s time to redefine leadership. Let’s Learn Together. Find Your True Path.

Check this detailed interview I gave on Awakened Leadership on my iTunes Podcast HERE.

Want to hear more?

Want to understand if Awakened Leadership is for you and your organization?

Want to have a free introduction call to discuss the issue you are facing as a Leader/CEO? 


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