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Yes YOU can help NOW the devastated families in the Philippines! - Gauthereau Group

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

My dear friends, PLEASE READ... PLEASE HELP.

This is a very special email given the terrible situation in the Philippines. The Typhoon Haiyan (3.5 times the power of SANDY, 4 times the power of the Hiroshima Bomb, the most powerful storm ever recorded with 315kph wind!) has DEVASTATED the community I worked at just one month ago. You remember those amazing photos of smiling kids? CHECK THE PHOTOS HERE.

Today they don't smile. They have ALL been affected, lost their roofs, their homes, and the rice fields which support their food & livelihood. They are also hopeful and to quote them:

"Basta Pinoy, may pag-asa" When you are Filipino there is always hope!

To give you a sense of the devastation in the villages & schools I was, here are some numbers:

1. So far, no relief goods and no clarity on whether or not there will be any in the next few weeks.

2. Most of the community's homes are destroyed, many have no roofs. The community feels very insecure without their roofs.

3. School - roofs of 3 classrooms and the kitchen are gone.

4. Trees have been uprooted - 95% of the trees in the school are down; 80-90% of the trees in the community are down. 

5. Rice fields that not only bring food but also income for the families, have been destroyed.

6. There's another storm (Zoraida) - which is smaller but on the same path - coming in this week.

7. No electricity - total black-out.  No working cell phone towers. No water.

So what can YOU do? You can do A LOT:

1 - Give $1, $5, $10, $50, $100, $1000, whatever you feel you can give.

Go on RURALKIDS.ORG to GIVE. Click this link and click on the EMERGENCY RELIEF FUND large image

2 - I have created a full photo album so you can buy nice photos and 100% of the money will be donated to the RELIEF FUND.

Go here to buy a beautifully framed photo and have the amount go to the RELIEF FUND

3 - Forward this email / Post it on Facebook / Tweet

Thank you so much in advance from the heart of all those kids I spent a wonderful time with...

Maraming maraming salamat,


PS: 31 Images of the devastation HERE

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