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You can't meditate? Here are 3 gifts for you and your company! - Gauthereau Group

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

"I can't meditate!". It is what I very often hear from the clients I work with when I tell them we are going to learn meditation. They know it would be great to meditate, they know the immense benefits of the practice, they heard of corporations who are bringing meditation to increase productivity, etc. BUT they tried to meditate a few times, "failed", and stopped.

So this article is for those of you who have tried and failed, have tried and stopped, or never tried.

As a big bonus, I have added 3 free gifts for you and your company (see below in the article)

But first, let's quickly remind you why you REALLY should meditate daily and bring meditation in your organization!

It will help your sleep quality greatly. Falling asleep more easily, sleeping more deeply, be more rested when you wake up It will give you a powerful focus during the day at work. You will have fewer ADD symptoms and more presence into conversations.You will gain better control at your emotions. Less up & downs and better recovery during challenging emotional times.You will be clearer on your life and work decisions. Meditation gives clear wisdom not driven by fears.Your health will improve. There are countless studies showing how all your organs, blood parameters, and health will get an injection of youth!You will be able to work faster and lessThe communication and quality of work will improve drastically in your teams and organizationYou will reduce stress level at work

Yes, Meditation can bring that much to your life!

So what are the key steps to meditate?

Start with little time (10 minutes)Set a fixed time / same every dayFind your unique place/spot to do itPrepare your mindHave a timerSitMeditateDo not fight the mindBe kind and gentle on yourself

I have a full article here, with more details read it, and ping me if you have questions on some of the steps!

So I wanted to give you a few special gift today with this article!

Here are my gifts for you:

A new iTunes Podcast with my 5 golden tips to achieve a powerful practice!A new meditation video on YouTube in my Meditation Playlist specially designed for hard days!A FREE ONLINE 30 minutes Intro Class on Tuesday, May 31st at 7AM EST (Value $50). Only 10 spots available! Email me immediately at to book (first come, first serve).

Meditation is one of the 10 steps in the program Awakened Leadership™ (I presented it in front of 5,000 people on Sunday at Propeller, did you catch this?). This program is for organizations that want to foster peace, harmony, creativity and higher consciousness for all their employees resulting in:

Improved performancesImproved communication and conflict reductionIncrease resilience during crisisRenewed engagement of all employeesIncreased retention and recruiting

So after all that, you won't be able to tell anyone "I can't Meditate!".

Finally, if you want a private one-on-one class, bring meditation into your organization, or hear more about Awakened Leadership™, contact me. If you don't see immediate benefits in 30 days on how people communicate better, are more present, more focus, the cost of the workshops are on me!

I see you soon!


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