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Your Church, My Church, Our Church...

No one can tell you "how to pray and to who to pray" No one can tell you "where your Church is or should be" No one can tell you "their Church is better than yours" No one can tell you "what is holy and what is not" No one can tell you "who is holy and who is not" No one can tell you "their belief or religion, is better than yours" No one can tell you "who is God" No one can tell you "who you are" No one can tell you "You are on the wrong path"

Many will tell you all of the above. It's in Human Nature to separate and judge to provide a sense of Self and safety. It does not matter if that person is religious, spiritual or atheist. Many will tell you those things. But really is this how we show how we ultimately trust everyone innate beauty and power?

In a world that is constantly creating separation and judgment, letting its pain create anger and resentment, it is our call to keep opening our Hearts. To everyone and everything. To let EVERYONE find their ways. To let everyone find meaning in THEIR own ways. To trust EVERYONE innate worth and goodness.

The only thing someone should tell you is "You need to love everyone until you do not see any separation anymore"

Because ultimately "no one" knows nor own the answer to all those questions. Well, maybe what God is trying to tell us is that the Truth is when everyone is included. And the real answers are only when everyone is listened to.

It's a puzzle and each of us is a piece.

Because God really is in everyone and everything. All of creation. All my relations.

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