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Breathwork Ceremony - New Moon, New Year, New Cycle

Breathwork Ceremony - New Moon, New Year, New Cycle

We explore the theme of "New Moon - New Year - New Cycle" as we breathe with the first New Moon of the New Year (Nature Calendar). This is a great breathwork to explore ending cycle and opening new cycles in your life.


As our world is painfully trying to re-birth itself, attached to old paradigms, stories, and broken systems, we explore how our own experience of transformation is often connected to the difficulty to allow rebirth, while integrating the past wounds as seeds of wisdom.


Rebirthing requires trust in the unknown which can be very challenging to allow when the world around us feels so unstable and unsafe. How do we recreate that safety within, reframe our stories, and soften our own soil (body) to allow new seeds to birth through it?


With our breath, this ancient mystical and powerful portal between the seen and unseen, conscious and unconscious, body and spirit, we will invite that rebirth and a new story to emerge.

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