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Eagle Membership

Eagle Membership

The Sanctuary Membership is a way for you to support all the work we are doing at our healing center, on our land, with our community and the world.


Your membership money will be used in the following way:

- 20% Planting Trees & Medicinal Plants on our land & Create Wildlife Habitat

- 20% Support Native Community (through our partner Native Hope)

- 20% Support Pollinators Protection (through our partner New York Bee Sanctuary)

- 15% Emergency Fund (Dedicated to specific actions like reforestation, social impact, etc)

- 25% Invest in our healing Center Extension and fund our renewable energy (solar power)


The membership gives you access to:

- 30% discount pricing on most events at the Sanctuary (does not include retreats)
- 5% discount pricing on most workshops & retreats at the Sanctuary

- Access to Members only event

- Access to our online Member community (a private group for members)

- Invitation to participate in land cleaning / building / restoration

- Annual gathering to meet members and enjoy The Sanctuary land


The membership is for 12 months (1 year) from the date of joining.


Membership is not transferable and for individuals only.


If you are a private organization and wish to join the program, we offer a corporate/private organization membership. Contact us for more details.

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