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Finding My True North" – A 90-Day Guided Journal for Self-Reflection & Discovery

Finding My True North" – A 90-Day Guided Journal for Self-Reflection & Discovery

Discover and Rediscover Yourself with "Finding My True North" – A 90-Day Guided Journal for Self-Reflection and Discovery (112 Pages)

Welcome to "Finding My True North," a transformative 90-day journal designed to help you reconnect with your true self. Authored by Angell Deer and brought to you by The Sanctuary Heal, this journal isn't just a book—it's your personal guide through a meticulous process of self-reflection, personal growth, and authentic living.

Why "Finding My True North"?

In our fast-paced world, it's easy to feel disconnected from ourselves. This journal acknowledges that feeling and invites you to take a brave step toward deeper self-understanding. The 90-day journey is divided into three unique 30-day sprints, each focusing on a crucial aspect of self-discovery and personal growth:

1. Rediscovering Your Core: Dive deep into understanding the essence of who you are.
2. Vision & Soul Quest: Define your dreams, desires, and the values that guide you.
3. Aligned Action: Learn to integrate your newfound insights into your daily life.


Features and Benefits:

- Daily Prompts: Answer unique questions each day designed to engage you in profound self-discovery.
- Reflective Activities: Engage in recommended activities like nature walks to experience self-discovery beyond the written page.
- Self-Accountability Tracker: Log your daily progress to keep track of emotional and cognitive shifts.
- Three Phases: Work through three focused 30-day sprints to systematically deepen your self-knowledge.
- Final Reflection: Complete the wrap-up section to identify your growth areas and plan actionable next steps.

How to Use This Journal?

Embrace a structured pathway to explore self-awareness and intentionality with "Finding My True North."


The journal offers:

- Consistent Time: Schedule a daily 10-minute window for journaling to build a sustainable habit.
- Honesty: Write uncensored thoughts to gain the most personal insight from each prompt.
- Daily Engagement: Each day comes with a unique question tailored to the month's self-discovery theme.
- Activities: Participate in recommended activities to deepen your self-knowledge beyond journaling.

Ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery? Take a deep breath, open the first page, and let the 90-day journey to find your true north begin.



Key Questions this Journal Explores:


- What does being your 'authentic self' mean to you?

- What are three words you would use to describe yourself as a child? How have you changed?

- What societal or familial expectations do you feel pressured by?

- What do you want most in life but haven’t told anyone yet?

- If you could describe your true essence in one sentence, what would it be?

- What beliefs or ideologies have you outgrown but still hold onto?

- When do you feel the most 'you'? What are you doing in those moments?

Rediscover the Real You

This journal is your safe space to question, challenge, and finally reconnect with who you really are, deep down, beyond all the labels and expectations. Let "Finding My True North" be your guide to rediscovering the brilliant, authentic you.

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