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Reiki Treatment

The Power of Shamanic Healing & Reiki

Shamanic Reiki
Practitioner Training & Certification

Next training & certification, starting October 2024 to May 2025

Our first in-person gathering is September 28th & 29th, 2024

Limited Space

Healing with Nature and Spirits Energies

Shamanism is considered the most ancient spiritual and healing practice in the world, said to be over 50,000 years old. Reiki was only "re-discovered" 100 years ago. And yet those 2 practices share many commonalities and differences.

When brought together, the healing power is deeply amplified and allows the practitioner to tap very deeply into their own connection to Nature, Spirits, their own intuition, and bring those powers to support the healing session.  

Rarely taught in the US, this training & certification will allow you to become a practitioner and offer powerful healing sessions to your clients. If you are already a Reiki practitioner, this training and certification will tremendously increase your healing energy. If you are looking for deep personal healing this year together will totally transform your own life.

Join us for an exceptional training & certification from October 2024 to May 2025

Our first in-person gathering is September 28th & 29th, 2024

This training is run by The Sanctuary Shamanic School

Discover why Shamanism and Reiki are very powerful when brought together and how this could really change your life and practice!

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Meet Your Teacher

Angell Deer

Angell has been working with plant medicines and shamanic teachers for over 10 years. He has a deep practice in meditation (certified instructor). He is also certified in Reiki (Reiki Master, Medical Reiki Master & Shamanic Reiki), Sound Healing, and Shamanic Rune work.

Angell learned Reiki in India and the US, and has been teaching Reiki for over 8+ years. He has a long history of working with shamanic practices and was called by Spirit to start blending Shamanism and Reiki many years ago. Based on years of practice with clients and teachings, he developed a unique class "Shamanic Reiki Training & Certification" which allows students and practitioners to dive in-depth in this practice and blend it with their own intuition, guidances and gifts.

He is the founder and owner of The Sanctuary Shamanic Healing & Retreat Center in NYC and Callicoon, NY, where he does in-depth work with individuals, groups and corporations.

He also grows medicinal plants and prepares medicinal plant tinctures that he uses with his clients. He studied in depth Advaita Vedanta with one of the US’ oldest teachers on that path, and travels extensively in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Brazil and Peru to deepen his practice and knowledge.

You can read his blog here, discover more about him on his Instagram account here and listen to his iTunes Podcast here.

Book Now!

For our next training starting October 2024

Rarely taught in the US, this training & certification will allow you to become a practitioner and offer powerful healing sessions to your clients. If you are already a Reiki practitioner, this training and certification will tremendously increase your healing energy.

Join us for exceptional training & certification from October 2024 to May 2025!

Our first in-person gathering is September 28th & 29th, 2024


We only take 12 to 18 students every year, so book ASAP (First, come / First serve)



- Shamanic Reiki Level 1 (Weekend in Person or Live Remote, September 2024)

- 2 Monthly Video Call Training - November & December 2024

- Shamanic Reiki Level 2 (Weekend in Person or Live Remote, January 2025)

- 2 Monthly Video Call Training - February & March 2025

- Shamanic Reiki Master Level (Weekend in Person or Live Remote, April 2025)

- Certification (Summer 2025) - Once all levels are completed & the clients' cases reports are sent

- Access to student private chat group (all year)

- 3 Shamanic Reiki Student digital Books (Level 1, Level 2, Master Level)

- Access to Online Teaching Platform with all classes, homework, videos, content for 3 years

- Ongoing weekly support from the teacher (and on-demand private one-on-one with teacher up to 3 / year)

  • The total cost for the year of training & certification is $2,450 (Paid in full) or $2,750 (Paid in installments)

  • You can pay the full amount or pay in 4 installments of $687.50 (At the signup or before August 2024, November 2024, January 2025, March 2025)

  • We offer a payment plan with a reduced cost if you need help financially to participate in this training, please inquire (email us).

How to Book


ONLY upon acceptance to the training, and payment processed, your spot will be confirmed.

We only accept 12 to 14 students each year in this class.

What Will I Learn?

The Shamanic Reiki Training & Certification will bring you on a deep journey of self-discovery of your shamanic power, your connection to Spirit, and your own healing gift, or what I would call simply "the discovery of your own medicine."

The training spans over the course of a year, with three full weekends of immersion of practice, monthly training calls, nature connection and practices, healing training that will open your connection to Spirit, provide deep healing to your own body, mind and spirit. It will allow you to become a powerful practitioner and healer.

Here are some of the elements of the training:

  • Receive two Shamanic Reiki Level One attunements

  • Receive two Shamanic Reiki Level Two attunements

  • Receive two Shamanic Reiki Master Level attunements

  • Learn the 4 Reiki symbols, their use, and how to bring them into your sessions

  • Practice self-healing methods for the transmission of Reiki

  • Integrate Shamanic techniques to access alternate realities beyond time and space

  • Learn how to give a complete Shamanic Reiki session

  • Learn how to build an Altar, and how to use it for Shamanic Reiki Healing

  • Learn to work with the 6 shamanic directions and how to call them into your work

  • Learn how to connect to Nature Spirits and how to call them into your healing work

  • Practice your connection to Spirit through weekly exercises

  • Have a full year of monthly support with your group and your teacher

  • Discover and learn energy healing techniques to cleanse and protect your energy bodies 

  • Practice energy healing techniques (sound, visualization, crystals, etc) to open your connections to Spirit

  • Learn how to develop a clean and strong inner energy core

  • Discover and learn energy healing technics to clean & protect your energy bodies 

  • Practice energy healing technics (sound, visualization, crystals, etc) to open your connections

  • Activate your ability to transmit healing forces across time and space (distant healing)

  • Receive Shamanic Reiki energy healing 

  • Learn how to do Shamanic Journeying and its benefit for your healing practice

  • Discover your power animals and learn how to work with them in healing sessions

  • Expand consciousness and work with spirit guides 

  • Learn how to work with all the different types of diseases and illnesses like depression, cancer, infections, anger, physical pain, etc.

  • Learn about legal protection and legal practice of Shamanic Reiki Healing

  • Learn about insurance and legal frame of the Shamanic Reiki Healing practice

  • And much more...

Ready for this great adventure that will change your healing practice forever?

Why Learn Shamanic Reiki?

The bridging of Shamanism and Reiki Healing, is one of the most profound ways to learn how to reveal your own healing gifts, develop your intuition and connection to Spirit, start or empower your Healer path and create deep personal transformation of your life as a Healer.

Your certification will allow you to practice Shamanic Reiki, Shamanic Healing and Reiki, with clients in the US and worldwide. 

I have never done any shamanic work, is this training for me?

YES. The training has been designed so that even people with no knowledge in shamanism can access the course and be able to develop deep connection to those practices.

I have already learned Reiki (one level or all levels), but have not practiced in years, is this training right for me?

YES. As we will go through every level of Reiki during the full year of training and give you new attunements, this certification is perfect to re-tune you into the Reiki energy and also to empower your previous learning.

I am interested in personal healing mainly (more than becoming a practitioner), is this the right training for me?

YES. This training will give you a broad range of tools for self-healing and you will experience a deep personal healing as you go through the training. In fact learning Reiki and Shamanism is first and foremost a tool for self-healing and transformation. So if you are sick, stuck in our life, stumble on your path, cannot get clarity on your purpose, but feel called to Shamanism and holistic ways of healing, this training is perfect for you!

I am a Reiki practitioner and already know Reiki very well. Will this training be good for me?

YES. As a practitioner you are already attuned to Reiki symbols and energy. Yet this training will bring a lot of new practices and teachings through shamanic work. It will also teach you how to integrate shamanic healing practices with your Reiki practice. Finally it will allow you to differentiate yourself from the thousands of Reiki practitioners and bring new layers of healing power to your clients.

I heard that Reiki symbols and technics should not be changed to work properly, is that true?

YES and NO. The Reiki symbols are keys into higher realms of consciousness. The way they were taught by Dr Usui (the way I learned them) are very important. We do respect the full sacredness of this lineage and its transmission. Yet we also teach you how to allow your own intuition and energy to make this practice evolve. In that way you will be able to know when to use the original symbol, or when to use another technique depending of what Spirit is showing you.

I see there is a commitment for a full year to do this training. I am not sure if I will have time to do this with my busy family life and work life.

We have designed the program so even very busy people can access it. Also with the monthly video call support and the support of your teacher (and your group of co-students), you will have a strong container to learn at your own pace. Finally all the dates of the training are given a very long time in advance so you can clear your schedule and be available.

Aside from the 3 weekend trainings, and the monthly video call, what else is included in the training?

You also have access to your teacher on a weekly basis (on demand) for a full year. You will also receive 3 Reiki Student Teaching books which include a lot of valuable content for this Shamanic Reiki Certification. Finally at the end of the year, based on your practice (you need to present 10 study cases), you will receive an official certificate.

I am so grateful for your offering of teaching Reiki. It has changed my life and continues to be very much a part of my path.

— Jonathan C., NYC, NY

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