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The work we did together has changed my life and my spiritual path. You helped reconnect me to my spirit and I have been having revelations weekly and I’m healing every day. With my open heart I am attracting authentic conversations and interactions into my life. I find that even though I am working in corporate real estate, I sit down for a meeting and people want to talk to me about life and other non-work related things of substance. I’ve also had intuitive moments that are becoming more and more frequent and I am starting to explore that while I continue to heal. Thank you for healing yourself, speaking your truth, and helping others heal. 

------- Lynee H, NYC

“Truly. Life. Changing. Can’t thank you enough... so much love and appreciation.”


One week after the Rapeh Ceremony. Blood pressure has been stabilizing (when Im not working...), heartbeat is stabilizing...left ear is working to move whatever is going on there. I feel energetically stronger, maybe a little badass...definitely much happier but in a quiet, radiating way...and people around me sense something is different..

------- Padme, A, NY

 I just got finished listening to the "Not Good Enough" podcast. It is something I struggle with and have done a lot of work on it especially this last year. I am so grateful to have listened to this and your words really spoke to me in many ways and look forward to the practice of thinking on the many good things in my life before bedtime. 

------- Amanda T.

Guillaume was introduced to me through a mutual friend in Entrepreneurs Organization. I really connected to Guillaume's journey as someone who came to a healing career through after his roller coaster ride as a CEO. Guillaume's energy healing is anchored in authenticity and strength. I believe his ability to connect to my duality (human and spirit) was the reason he was so successful in moving me past a "great stuck" and helping me uncover my flowing, vibrant energy again."

------- Christel C., NYC, NY